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Holiday Gift Guide from EBay -Men's Silk PJ's

The items go on sale online Nov 12th at 11am Eastern, there is free shipping in Canada and the items are only available while supplies last.

Chris Benz Men's Silk PJ's

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Clockwork Angel

(The Infernal Devices: Manga #1)

Skin Care Chronicle: PRIORI®

Skin Care Chronicle: PRIORI®: PRIORI® – The Natural Choice of Patented CoffeeBerry® Skincare Technology CoffeeBerry ® Natureceuticals ™ 100% Natural Perfecting Mine...

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Assassination: The Royal Family's 1000 Year Curse

SEX, MURDER, BETRAYAL - The Juicy History of Britain’s Kings and Queens
English author-historian David Maislish proves one startling fact: every single British monarch -- from Canute to Elizabeth II -- has either been murdered by or survived an assassination attempt.

But the book does not only chronicle assassination attempts faced by the royal family. It also explores the monarchy's incestuous genealogy, the temperament of each targeted king or queen, and the political circumstances of each attack. (TMZ, eat your heart out.)

Author David Maislish is a practicing attorney and partner at the global law firm Duane Morris LLP. He lives in London and is married with five children. Assassination – The Royal Family’s 1000 Year Curse is available in paperback ($16) and e-book ($5) at

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Get the reaction you want this holiday season with TIMEX watches

This holiday season, TIMEX makes it easy to shop for the perfect holiday gift with a wide selection of timepieces to suit all tastes and budgets. By giving them a TIMEX watch you’re guaranteed to receive a number of great reactions including:

You shouldn’t have, but I’m glad you did! Even the most stylish
 person on your list will love this vintage inspired TIMEX
Vintage Originals - 1972 watch.
 Featuring a gold-tone finish and Trompe L'Oeil wood effect
on the dial, this watch combines old-school glamour with new-age
affordability. SRP: $145

My friends will be so jealous! One look at the latest gold and silver toned watches from the TIMEX Originals collection and any girl will be pining. With genuine leather straps and trendy designs, these watches are classic yet modern, making them the perfect accessory for any outfit and perfect gift for any woman. SRP: $75

You’re the best! With their classic plaid and houndstooth designs, these TIMEX Originals Modern Grande Classic watches will make you a gift giving master.

Everyone will marvel at how you knew to pick out such a trendy yet practical gift. SRP: $75

I love it! Every holiday season, there’s that one hot new item on everyone’s list. This year it’s sure to be the TIMEX watch for HBC. Featuring the iconic HBC Stripe Pattern on a nylon strap, this watch will have everyone from trend seekers to traditionalists obsessing. SRP: $95 (available exclusively at HBC stores across Canada and )

It’s just what I’ve always wanted! Whether he’s a world traveller, underwater explorer or simply likes to look the part, TIMEX Intelligent Quartz™ watches do more than polish off a man’s ensemble, they provide advanced technology and extraordinary functionality.

The Intelligent Quartz™ World Time watch can display time in 24 major cities around the world, has a season setting indicator and features a signature globe design on the dial. SRP: $225
The Intelligent Quartz™ with Depth Gauge features an internal pressure sensor and it’s calibrated for Sea water. For off-shore adventures, activate the depth sensor and explore new depths with the world’s smartest analogue watch. SRP: $265

It’s perfect! Occasional gym goers and extreme athletes alike will love being able to exercise in style with these vibrant TIMEX Ironman Triathlon 50-Lap Sleek watches.

Combining function and fashion, these watches come in pink, purple and lime and feature a ventilated strap, 2 interval timers, multiple workout storage (and much more). SRP: $89.99


How did you know? Buying a present for the sporty, adventurous person in your life is not only difficult but it’s often costly. Don’t fret over ski size or equipment prices, these TIMEX devices take fitness to a whole new level, making them the perfect gift for any sport enthusiast.

The TIMEX Marathon GPS and TIMEX Ironman® Run Trainer™ with GPS are the perfect devices to help you get in shape with their easy-to-read customizable displays that let you see your distance, speed and pace. SPR: $99.99 (Marathon); SRP: $199.99 (Run Trainer).

The Timex® Cycle Trainer™ GPS bike computer provides precise speed and distance, along with a temperature display and a barometric sensor for live elevation and grade data. SRP: $275.00

TIMEX watch for HBC is now available on  - and of course at
Bay stores ~ across Canada.

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How the French Invented Love: Nine Hundred Years of Passion and Romance

by Marilyn Yalom

An entertaining and masterful history of love � la fran�aise by acclaimed scholar Marilyn Yalom. Spanning the Middle Ages to the present, How the French Invented Love explores a love-obsessed culture through its great works of literature, interlaced with the author's delicious personal anecdotes-for fans of Alain de Botton, Adam Gopnik, and Simon Schama.
"How the French Invented Love is absolutely marvelous, so lively and learned. . . . Marilyn Yalom's book is a distinguished contribution to our experience of a great literature, as well as an endearing memoir." -Diane Johnson, author of Lulu in Marrakech and Le Divorce.      

How the French love love! It occupies an honored place in their sense of identity, on a par with fashion, food, wine, and the rights of man. A Frenchman or woman without amorous desire is considered defective, like someone missing the sense of smell or taste. For hundreds of years, the French have championed themselves as guides to the art of love through their literature, paintings, songs, and cinema. Yet no English book has seriously addressed the subject of French ideas about love. No one has followed the roadmap of French literary landmarks, which explore every nuance of love as it evolved over the centuries-until now.
In How the French Invented Love, acclaimed scholar Marilyn Yalom distills her readings of French literary works and the memories of her experiences in France to discover the central tenets of that culture's gospel of love.
While certain currents sweep through the centuries, each chapter represents love in its particular age, fashioned by what the French call mentalit�s-that is, constellations of ideas and attitudes prevalent at a certain time and place. Collectively, these cultural moments reveal how the concept and practice of love has continued and changed from the Middle Ages to our own beleaguered moment.
How the French Invented Love
Through Yalom's romance-tinged literary detective hunt, we shall discover not only how the French invented love, but also how they have kept it vibrant for 900 years-a narrative of love through the ages that will help us distinguish what is unique in the French experience and also what may be universal.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Freshline Gourmet launches its exquisite Greek Wine range.

Grape cultivation has been known to take place in Greece for thousands of years.

Today, modern Greek winegrowers merge their country's long tradition with the latest technological advances in grape harvesting resulting in the production of exquisite wine varieties of the highest quality.

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Brushing up on Canadian Oral Health

Keeping your teeth healthier for life - PHILIPS

It wasn’t so long ago that many people accepted tooth loss and dentures as a natural part of getting older. Today, that’s simply not the case. People can have naturally beautiful and healthy teeth for life. But good oral healthcare is not just about how your teeth look. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums can have a direct impact on your overall health.

Philips Sonicare believes that good oral habits, learned early on, can and will help maintain your teeth for life. Whether your concern is healthier gums, whiter teeth or better plaque removal, you’ll find a Sonicare toothbrush that delivers the oral care you want and need. Our line of brushes is engineered with you in mind and backed by proven clinical results.

Here’s what you should know about oral health and overall health:

o Healthy teeth and gums are very important.

o Dental problems can affect overall health in subtle ways. For instance, dental problems can cause headaches and face pain, affecting sleeping patterns, appetite and mood.

o Some conditions, such as diabetes, require that you pay special attention to your teeth and gums in order to better maintain your health.

o It’s important to discuss your overall health status with your dentist. Similarly, tell your general practitioner about any dental problems you may be experiencing.  

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sultry with a Twist (Sultry Springs #1) by Macy Beckett (Goodreads Author)

When Mae-June July Augustine hightailed it out of Sultry Springs, Texas, with her heart in pieces, she swore she'd never return. But nine years later, one thing stands between June and her dream of opening an upscale martini bar: a month of community service under the supervision of the devilishly sexy Luke Gallagher, her first love and ex-best friend.     As lust turns to love, June must decide where she belongs: in the glorious anonymity of Austin or back in Sultry Springs with the man who intoxicates her like no other

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cutting through the breast cancer confusion

TORONTO, October, 2012 – A recent Canadian Cancer Society Ipsos Reid poll found that the majority of Ontario women are confused about what age they should start screening for breast cancer and the best way to get screened.

Of the women surveyed, nearly half (46%) didn’t know that mammograms are the best way to check for breast cancer. While 68% of women didn’t know that the recommended age to get screened is 50 to 69.

“The results are alarming because there’s so much being done to raise awareness,” says Rowena Pinto, Vice President, Public Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division. “Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian women, so not only do we want to bring attention to this critical issue, we want to empower women and stop the confusion.”
During Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, the Society is urging women 50 to 69 to get a mammogram every two years. Regular mammography is the most reliable way to find breast cancer early when it’s most treatable – it can find a lump that’s about the size of an apple seed. Interestingly, 84% of the women polled in the recommended age group for screening (50 to 69) said that nothing would prevent them from going for a mammogram.

“Knowing that fear or lack of time isn’t what’s stopping women from getting screened is great news,” says Pinto. “That’s why we’re urging women 50 to 69 to talk to their doctor or contact the Ontario Breast Screening Program to book their mammogram. If more women know when and how to get screened for breast cancer, more lives will be saved.”

Women under 50 who have concerns about their breast health should talk to their doctor. In 2012, in Ontario, an estimated 9,100 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and an estimated 2,000 women will die from it.

Currently in Ontario, 66.8% of women are getting screened for breast cancer. The Canadian Breast Cancer Screening Initiative aims to reach 70%, and the Society hopes to exceed that goal.

Women looking for trustworthy information about breast health or other support services can call the Canadian Cancer Society’s confidential Cancer Information Service (1 888 939-3333) and speak to a trained cancer information specialist. The specialist can also provide information about the Society’s following services:
• a volunteer-provided transportation program that helps patients get to and from their cancer-related treatment appointments when they have no way of getting there on their own • an over-the-phone and in-person support program that connects patients and caregivers with trained volunteers who’ve had cancer or cared for someone with cancer • an online community ( for patients, survivors and caregivers where they can share support, ideas and advice • a self-management program for cancer survivors and caregivers that empowers them to acquire the tools they need to make the best of their lives while living with and beyond cancer • referrals to cancer services in communities throughout Canada To access information around the clock about breast cancer or the Society’s support services, visit

Other findings from the poll conducted by Ipsos Reid among Ontario women ages 18 to 69: • 54% believe that a mammogram is the best way to check for breast cancer • 34% believe checking one’s own breast is the best way to check for breast cancer • 42% believe that the recommended age for breast cancer screening is between the age of 40 to 49. • Only 6% of women say that fear prevents them from getting screened

How women can get screened in Ontario

In Ontario, there are two ways of getting a mammogram. Women 50 to 69 can get a referral from their healthcare professional, or call the Ontario Breast Screening Program at 1 800 668-9304 to make an appointment.

Canadian Cancer Society breast cancer screening guidelines Whatever your age, you should know what is normal for your breasts. Many women are alive and well today because their breast cancer was detected and treated early. It’s important to know that no screening test for cancer is 100% accurate. For example, a screening test can sometimes show cancer when there isn’t, or not show cancer when there is. But overall, screening mammography is the most reliable method of finding breast cancer.

Breast cancer screening guidelines

If you are: You should: 40 to 49 Talk to your doctor about your risk of breast cancer, along with the benefits and risks of mammography.

50 to 69 Have a mammogram every 2 years.
70 or older Talk to your doctor about how often you should have a mammogram. Your doctor may also do a physical examination of your breasts (a clinical breast examination).

About the poll

This Ipsos Reid poll was conducted between August 27 and September 7, 2012, on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division. For the survey, a sample of 1,223 women aged 18 to 69 in Ontario from Ipsos' Canadian online panel was interviewed. Weighting was then employed to balance demographics to ensure that the sample's composition reflects that of the adult population according to Census data and to provide results intended to approximate the sample universe. A survey with an unweighted probability sample of this size and a 100% response rate would have an estimated margin of error of +/- 2.9 percentage points, 19 times out of 20, respectively, of what the results would have been had the entire population of women in Ontario been polled.

About the Canadian Cancer Society (Ontario Division) The Canadian Cancer Society is a national community-based organization of volunteers whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer. When you want to know more about cancer, visit our website or call our toll-free, bilingual Cancer Information Service at 1 888 939-3333. -30-

For more information, contact: Daniel Paquette/Hilda Coker Daniel Paquette Public Relations Tel: 416-413-7714 E-mail:

Katherine Dykstra Manager, Communications Canadian Cancer Society Tel: 416-323-7066 E-mail:

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Oakville's Largest Rock'n Roll Party

National Pain Awareness Week events calendar to let families know about the Peer Support Network launch for families that suffer with chronic pain at and attend our fundraiser at on Saturday, November 3rd.

Oakville's Largest Rock'n Roll Party

Dance the night away to live bands including Liquid Courage, GROOVE HAMMER, and the Mike Shotton Band  
Tasting Stations, including the fantastic Sushi Hour and Bernard Callebaut Chocolates; silent auction with sports memorabilia, gorgeous art from local artists, prizes and more…

A fantastic night of cameraderie for a great cause for only $40.00
Tickets now on sale for $40.

This year’s charity recipient is The ILC Foundation. ILC Charitable Programs include comprehensive fully integrated peer support network, One-on-One Support; and Canada’s first 21-Day+ Rehabilitation Program with McMaster Children’s Hospital.

Want to get involved with the ILC Halton Chapter Events Committee? Please email

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Freshline Gourmet

Tasting Notes and Food Pairings:
This is a Unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil with an extremely low acidity, consistently below 0.3% (commonly below 0.2%) and of a very bright vivid green colour. Moreover, it has a full, fruity, fresh green olive flavour with a very slight pleasant peppery bite in the back of your throat. This peppery finish is an indication of a fresh (newest crop) and very carefully processed olive oil extracted from healthy, fresh ripe olives.

This elegant and harmonious taste, satisfies consumers that desire a natural and very tasty diet.
Ideal for dressings, appetizers, dips, sauces, marinades, salads, hot bread and bruschetta, fried food, fish and raw vegetables. In other words, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a superb condiment for any dish while it is suitable for any raw use and for every kind of cooking.
Fruitiness: Robust

Company Background:

Freshline Gourmet was created by I.C.B. Services Ltd, a company with a vision to bring health and longevity in all the family tables of the world by providing them with one of the most delicious and premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils of Greece. Our carefully selected extra virgin olive oil is of such a high quality that for a long time the greek growers themselves kept it for their own consumption while other European Olive Oil producers import it to blend it with their oil to improve its quality.
I.C.B. Services Ltd was established in Cyprus at the beginning of 2008 by a group of Greek-Cypriot food experts.

The combination of our great passion for olive oil together with the wide ranging experiences acquired through the inspections and certifications of producers of the finest extra virgin olive oils from all olive oil producing areas of Greece, persuaded us to engage in the production on our behalf of one of the best quality extra virgin olive oils of Greece under the brand “Freshline Gourmet”. We wanted in this way to give the chance to the whole world to be able to enjoy this unique extra virgin olive oil which was until recently enjoyed only by very few priviledged Greek families.

After a very carefull selection process it was decided that our extra virgin olive oil will be sourced from specific selected small growers of Kalamata from the famous Koroneiki Variety Olive Groves of the Mountains of Messenia in Greece, a place well known for its tradition in Olive harvesting throughout the centuries.

Our Competitive Advantages:
We offer an extra virgin olive oil of unique quality with acidity between 0.1-0.3% (commonly below 0.2%) at a great value for money and at an attractive packaging and label design.

Our Food Experts have more than 100 years combined experience in olive tree caring, olive harvesting, olive mills, olive crushing and extraction techniques and have worked in the most senior positions at olive oil markets across the Mediterranean.
Most importantly, we are in a position to guarantee and certify the superior quality of our extra virgin olive oil due to the fact that our food experts are themselves constantly monitoring each one of the stages of production of our olive oil, from olive tree caring to the bottling stage.
We have a wide team of experts such as chemical engineers, packaging and process engineers, agronomists, veterinareans, chemists and a chef and can design products/tastes/packs according to customer requirements.
We offer our extra virgin olive oil under our own label and under private labelling.

Lastly, the following certificates have been granted for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

•Certificate of Origin and Cultivar

•ISO 22000:2005

•ISO 9001:2008

•Certificate of Operation of a Food Safety and Quality Management System of production of Cold Extracted Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Production Methods:
Trees: The Olive Trees, some of which are more than 700 years old, are meticulously prepared for harvest and grealty cared for. They are annualy pruned lightly by hand, they are watered appropriately while all the necessary practices are taken in order to prevent the trees from getting diseases and to ensure their health as well as the quality of their olive fruit.

Olive Harvesting Period: The harvest of olives takes place early in the season from October to early December, when the olives are at a perfect stage of ripeness. This early harvest results in Freshline Gourmet’s vivid green color as well as its uniquely distinctive flavor.

Olive Collection Method: Only the best green olives belonging 100% to the Koroneiki Variety are very carefully selected for the extraction of Freshline Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These very special olives are hand picked one by one directly from the tree, at the prime stages of their ripeness. Although this method of harvesting is very time consuming, we have chosen it since it is the only method that can guarantee that the highest quality of olive fruit is selected (the most healthy, fresh and sound olives are picked). Through this method of careful and strict selective hand picking of our olives we avoid injuries, damages and bruising of the olive fruit that occur when these fall from the trees, something which causes tartness and oil acidity. We strongly believe that “Great Olives make Great Olive Oil”.

After Harvest: After Harvesting, the olives are carefully placed into special big baskets, designed in order to protect them from any damage. The olives are then washed and the leaves and debris are cleared away so that nothing else remains inside the baskets apart from the olives. In order to preserve their freshness and obtain a very high quality olive oil, the olives are taken to the mill and are pressed within a few hours (less than 12 hours) from when they are harvested. If there is any delay, the oil in the fruit begins to oxidize and become acidic.

Cold Extraction Method: Our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with the cold extraction method at temperatures that will not degrade the oil (less than 27°C), by centifugation of the olive paste without further processing (no chemical processing and under very strict quality controls) in order to maintain unchanged its organoleptic and nutritional properties as well as its taste and fruitiness. It is important to mention that the olive oil extraction temperature is of crucial importance due to the effect it has on the quality of the olive oil. When high temperatures are applied the more volatile aromas of the olive oil are lost while the rate of oil oxidation is increased, producing therefore lower quality oils. Additionally, due to higher temperatures, the chemical content of the vitamins, polyphenols and antioxidants present in the oil is reduced.
Olive Oil Storage: After extraction, our extra virgin olive oil is placed inside stainless steel tanks without oxygen. These tanks are placed in rooms that are below ground level (away from sun beams and heat) that maintain a constant temperature (between 13-15°C) favouring the optimal preservation of our olive oil.

Bottling: When the day arrives that Freshline Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil is to be bottled, the oil is very gently filtered in order to remove any natural residues that may exist in our tanks. Our oil is bottled periodically based on orders received in order to maintain a constant temperature and guarantee its freshness to each and every one of our customers. The oil is entered exclusively in dark glass or tinplate cans in order to block out ultra-violet light so as to preserve the maximum amount of its nutritional and organoleptic properties. Lastly, our bottling is done in modern units in accordance with a food safety and quality management system, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Total Quality Control: Our Food Experts inspect and closely monitor each and every step of the production and processing cycle steps of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. From methods of cultivation of the ground soil to bottling our olive oil, it is ensured through a system of continuous control that the strict requirements of our quality control division are constantly met at every level, in order to be able to proudly bring to our consumers’ tables an extremely high quality and genuine product worthy of their best dishes.

Company Website: I.C.B. Services Ltd
Where to Buy: Freshline Gourmet