Monday, November 7, 2016

E-hydrate® Expands Footprint with Walgreens

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- With a growing footprint
at traditional grocery retailers, E-hydrate, the maker of natural Protein On-the-Go,
 is committed to expanding distribution in convenience and drug stores. The
 company recently secured a major deal with Walgreens, which added
E-hydrate's two flagship SKUs in the top locations across the country.

Jim Kayser, E-hydrate's
CSO discussed the company's
 push into new retail channels,
 "Customers are now actively
on the lookout for healthier
 choices when they're on-the-go.
Walgreens is right in line with
our philosophy, and we're excited
about the new focus on healthy food
 choices at Walgreens." Protein
 On-the-Go is unlike any other
 product on the shelf. The patent-pending
pouch becomes a bottle when you
 add water, allowing customers to
 get a low-sugar, natural nutrition shake anywhere.
Providing an affordable product that is high in protein and low in sugar has long been the
 company's goal. To entice customers, E-hydrate is scheduled to run nation-wide
promotions in Walgreens including an upcoming BOGO (Buy One, Get One) deal for
the entire month of January. E-hydrate's focus also includes unique marketing initiatives
to drive awareness as the line scales up national distribution.

Continuing the effort to establish a larger presence in the C-store market, E-hydrate
also landed deals with Kum & Go, TA TravelCenters and APlus at Sunoco. "There
is a surging demand in these channels for natural protein snacks. It makes sense for us,
and I think it's a perfect fit," added Jim Kayser. E-hydrate's natural protein line is
currently available at major high-end retailers, including GNC and Gelson's.
About E-hydrate:

E-hydrate's great-tasting, natural protein, hydration and energy products target
health-conscious, on-the-go consumers. E-hydrate's natural products are ready
all the time and are available in convenient single-serve packaging, including the
Protein On-the-Go patent-pending pouch – which becomes a bottle when you
 add water. Every one of E-hydrate's products is natural with real flavors born
in the kitchen, not the laboratory. "Finally, natural tastes great."

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