Monday, July 2, 2018

TrunkCrate Pro Wins Praise From Shoppers for Offering Best Trunk Organizer in Automotive Interior Accessories

Having a disorganized trunk is a time and space waster many are familiar with. LeClassiqueShop can help in a remarkable way with their increasingly popular TrunkCrate Pro trunk organizers

LOS ANGELES, June, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Having a truck or car with a well thought out and organized trunk can save many headaches. Few understand this more clearly than LeClassiqueShop, the team behind TrunkCrate Pro, a product that is being acclaimed across the nation as being the highest-quality, most affordable choice when it comes to the Trunk Organizer in Automotive Interior Accessories category. Available on and through the company themselves TrunkCrate Pro are at the head of their space and only continuing to grow as word of mouth spreads. The company couldn't be more pleased with the exciting news.
"We put a great deal of energy, creativity, and thought into TrunkCrate Pro's design down to the smallest of details," commented a spokesperson from the company. "Part of this was inspired by just how many poor options there are on the market for shoppers. We are happy to see TrunkCrate Pro be so warmly embraced and we are doing our best to be sure our customer support matches the quality of the product itself."
Some of the features that have set the trunk organizer in automotive interior accessories way ahead of the pack, in the eyes of consumers and industry experts alike, include it being made of professional grade, heavy duty, eco-friendly Oxford Polyester, a material known to be both light and durable; an overall shape and construction that is both water and rip resistant; a smart design that makes cleaning the trunk organizer quick and simple; and a flexible size that's easy to install.
The TrunkCrate Pro features a large interior which can be divided by removable dividers, giving it up to four compartments. It also has a number of useful pockets, to keep smaller items, and velcro staps sure to hold the trunk organizer safely in place.
For the added convenience of their loyal customers, LeClassiqueShop are the only company in their category to offer inexpensive extra compartment dividers and straps to replace anything lost or to help owners of the TrunkCrate Pro customize their trunk organizer to meet their needs, exactly.
The product is available in six colors, ships free, and is backed up by a generous warranty.
Reviews from customers both on and off continue to endorse LeClassiqueShop's TrunkCratePro completely.
Kevin C., from New York, recently said in a five-star review, "I needed a trunk organizer badly for my pickup I do a huge amount of off-roading in. Two I went through and just wrecked in six months. Now I have had the TrunkCrate Pro for around the same amount of time and it is still in perfect condition. I plan on buying one for my dad and one for my brother this Christmas. Fully recommended for anyone who needs a quality trunk organizer."
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