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40% OFF Sitewide !

40% OFF Sitewide

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mother Earth Living

Check out our new and improved collection page for green cleaning. Get your house squeaky clean with these nontoxic cleaning tips and homemade cleaning recipes.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Classic sweet-tart lemon custard

7 insanely delicious icebox pies: cool sweet bliss

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If there’s a phrase that conjures up a more delicious sense of relief from the sultry dog days of summer than “icebox pie,” we don’t know it. How two little words — a mere three syllables in all — could evoke the best of summer no doubt has to do with the anticipation of that first cool, sweet, airy bite on a hot August evening, a simple pleasure like the sigh that comes from the rustle of a lazy breeze.

And, too, there’s the old-timey comfort of the word “icebox” itself. We may hole ourselves up these days with the A/C on full blast, but most of us still appreciate the idea of a languid evening on the porch and the gentler chill imparted by a cool dessert. No surprise that these genius confections originated in the South, and that “icebox” referred to, well, iceboxes in the days before refrigerators. As such, even if you’re freezing your pie to set, most icebox pies are at their best when you let them soften a bit in the fridge or on the counter.

Old-fashioned as they may be (in a good way), this is one summer tradition worth keeping alive. An excuse to have an icebox pie chilling in the fridge? That’ll have you looking forward to the next heat wave. The phrase “Grandma’s icebox pie” seems somehow apt; make one of these recipes from some of our favorite food bloggers your own, and you’ll have a gem to pass down to the next generation.

Friday, January 24, 2014

World-class Concert Pianist Story is being Documented by Big Fat Monster Films

Feature length documentary being produced about, "The greatest concert Pianist that you have probably never heard of". “Nothing To Fall Back Upon”, is a real life story about music, passion, dreams and striving to overcome everything in pursuit and against all odds.

"William DeVan"
Billed as "The greatest concert Pianist that you have probably never heard of", a feature length documentary about the life of William DeVan is being made by filmmaker, Michael Gordon. The feature length documentary titled, “Nothing To Fall Back Upon”, is a real life story about music, passion, dreams and striving to overcome everything in pursuit and against all odds.

“What most people don’t know, is that William DeVan grew up dirt poor in the Black Belt of Alabama. Realizing his talent at an early age, William’s mother believed in him so strongly that she sold everything to buy William a piano. It was a decision that not only paid off, but also would soon bring the classical piano world a highly talented artist. By the age of 15, DeVan was selected to perform with the Chicago Symphony under the conductorship of Arthur Fiedler (not a student performance but he was the soloist.) and was also one of only five students accepted to Juilliard the first year he applied. To afford and attend the prestigious school, DeVan moved in and took care of his aging aunt in New Jersey where he washed dishes, cleaned the house and performed multiple other chores in exchange for room and board,” stated Michael Gordon, of Big Fat Monster Films.
While life was full of obstacles, it was also full of great accomplishments. DeVan is the only American to take first prize at the Vianna da Motta International Music Competition, where Emmanuel Axe place 3rd in the next edition of the prize. Devan also beat 5 major Russian pianists (reportedly one was shipped off to Siberia after the competition). As a result of the competition DeVan toured Portugal during the Carnation Revolution, which deposed the fascist Dictator Estado Novo. During that time, DeVan was forced to practice in the basement of the American Embassy where he could be protected.
In addition to winning numerous awards and appearing in concerts around the globe, DeVan holds the prestigious distinction of being one of twelve “Steinway Presenters” in the world.
Through his selflessness, Devan made the choice to share the gift of music with others in an effort to give back to those who couldn't afford to play. In recognition of William DeVan’s extraordinary talent and amazing life, Michael Gordon is determined to share DeVan’s story in his new documentary. “Nothing To Fall Back Upon” traverses multiple countries as it tells the story of world renowned concert pianist William DeVan through the eyes of his students: conductors, composers and socialites. Included are BAFTA award winning composer and owner of Nightbird Studios in Beverly Hills, Jed Leiber; Classical Conductor and Dean of Music at Bard College, James Bagwell; Socialite Patron of the Arts and Fashion Designer Christophe DeMenil; as well as a number of other friends and students of William.
The documentary film project is going to be made possible by funding via a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. Listen to William DeVan play and read more on his life story, by visiting:
About the companies:
BIGFATMONSTER FILMS is a full service digital cinema production company. The company is dedicated to developing new and creative avenues for independent film creation and distribution. In 2010, the company decided that new technology has presented the film industry with a unique opportunity to produce and distribute films, and reach broad audiences in ways never before imagined. In-house services include, writing, directing, producing, music creation, audio, colorization, titling, effects, and fund sourcing. For more information visit
CROWDFUNDING ACCELERATOR is a professional, creative team of crowdfunding campaign management, marketing, PR and advertising specialists. Crowdfunding Accelerator personnel have a combined 19 years of experience producing high-quality crowdsourcing and crowdfunding campaigns of every type and scale for small businesses and large enterprises. The company’s passion is managing the behind-the-scenes details to deliver a superior campaign experience for your audience. Visit for more information. The principle founders of the company are Philip Cardwell (of Universal Media Consultants) and John-Michael Scott (of

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Frozen Martinis for Your Superbowl Party!

Frozen Martinis for Your Superbowl Party!

Whether you're a diehard fan or just enjoy the big game day, with Slim Chillers' premium adult cocktails Super Bowl Sunday will be one to remember.

When it comes time to throw a few six packs in the fridge to cool, don't forget to stock Slim Chillers' Skinny Freezers for a tantalizing change of pace. Skinny Freezers vodka martinis take the guess work out of planning the perfect party thanks to their exciting flavors and individual sized packaging. Rather than give in to the use of inferior malts or wines, they solely use high grade, 8-times distilled, charcoal filtered Vodka and a delicious flavorful mixer that contains only a total of 100 calories in each serving.

When half time rolls around, offer guests a mouth-watering pick-me-up to revitalize their taste buds and refresh their spirits. Skinny Freezers are available in four lip smacking flavors modeled off the classic martini and includes berry-filled Cosmopolitan, tart Appletini, decadent Lemon Drop, and sunshine filled Watermelon Lemonade. Squeeze them into a regular old glass and get back to the game or slip them into something a little more elegant for a touch of old Hollywood charm.

Their low-cal Skinny Freezer Martinis are by far my favorite! Think of them as Flavored Vodka Freeze Pops!  YUM!

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Berry, cherry, brick or ruby. Which hue was made for you? Check out our collection of red hot dresses and decide! 

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Gloriously Smooth Legs for Every Woman, Everyday

Philips introduces effective and easy hair removal solutions that also care for skin with new Sensitive lady shavers and Satinelle Soft Sensitive total body epilator

Features include:

· Two speed settings: extra gentle and extra efficient epilation · Fully washable, metal epilating system: hypoallergenic discs for sensitive skin that remove hair as short as 0.5 mm · Double waved massage roller: lifts even short hairs for an extra close epilation and relaxes skin for gentler hair removal at the same time · Shaving head attachment: perfectly follows contours of bikini line or underarms for a close and smooth shave. Comes with additional comb to cut longer hairs before epililation or to trim bikini area · Ice glove: soothing properties relaxes skin directly after epilation and minimizes irritation · Exfoliation glove: prepares the skin between epilation sessions by removing dead skin cells and leaving skin perfectly smooth and in optimal condition to epilate · Includes carry case and cleaning brush

Philips lady shavers range in price from $29.99 - $79.99. Philips Satinelle Soft Sensitive total body epilator is $69.99. Products are available at major retailers across Canada. Visit for more information on Philips hair removers.