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Clean Eating Honors Eggland's Best In 2018 Clean Choice Awards

Eggland's Best Organic Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs Recognized for Better Taste and Convenience

CEDAR KNOLLS, N.J., Feb. 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- After reviewing hundreds and hundreds of submissions, Clean Eating magazine has selected Eggland's Best (EB) Organic Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs as one of its 'Top One-Hundred Healthiest Foods in Stores' as part of the 7th annual Clean Choice Awards. The Clean Choice Awards were created to help shoppers choose the cleanest, healthiest and best packaged foods at the supermarket. Winners were chosen based on several factors including convenience, trendiness, taste, and clean & wholesome ingredients.
Clean Eating magazine selected Eggland's Best Organic Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs due to their superior nutritional benefits and great taste, in addition to being the ultimate protein-rich snack. Eggland's Best met strict requirements when it came to having clean, wholesome ingredients with no added hormones or antibiotics. The convenience of Eggland's Best Organic Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs was a key factor, since they are the perfect snack for on-the-go, after a workout, or for adding to salads.
"We are very excited that our Organic Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs will join our other Eggland's Best products in receiving the stamp of approval from Clean Eating magazine as one of the top healthiest foods found in stores," said Charlie Lanktree, President and CEO of Eggland's Best. "We are also proud to offer our customers innovative products that easily fit within their busy lifestyles while at the same time providing superior nutritional benefits and taste."
Eggland's Best Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs are convenient, tasty, and have all the same great nutrition as other Eggland's Best products.  Compared to ordinary eggs, EB eggs contain six times more vitamin D, 25% less saturated fat, more than double the omega-3s, ten times more vitamin E and more than double the vitamin B12.  EB eggs are also an excellent source of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B5. EB's superior nutritional profile is due to its proprietary all-vegetarian hen feed that contains healthy grains, canola oil and a wholesome supplement of rice bran, alfalfa, sea kelp and vitamin E.
"It's no surprise that a better egg with six times more vitamin D and 25% less saturated fat continues to win awards," said Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner. "Not only do Eggland's Best Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs offer the convenience of being ready-to-eat right out of the package, but they also are delicious and have higher levels of essential vitamins and nutrients when compared to ordinary eggs, which is why they are the only hard-cooked eggs I recommend to my clients and serve to my family."
Eggland's Best Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs are available in classic, cage-free, and organic varieties in various package sizes. For more information on Eggland's Best eggs and delicious recipes, visit

About Eggland's Best Eggs

Eggland's Best (EB) is the No. 1 branded egg in the U.S. and is an excellent source of vitamins D, B12, E, B5 and riboflavin. EB eggs have six times more vitamin D, more than double the omega-3s, 10 times more vitamin E and 25% less saturated fat than ordinary eggs. Independent testing has also confirmed that Eggland's Best eggs stay fresher longer than ordinary eggs. The distinctive "EB" stamp on the shell assures consumers and food service customers that the eggs meet the highest production and safety standards.
Eggland's Best was voted "America's Most Trusted Egg Brand" by American shoppers in the BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards, "America's Most Recommended™ Eggs" by women in the Women's Choice Awards, and "Product of the Year."  In addition, Eggland's Best has received numerous awards and honors from such trusted publications as Prevention Magazine, Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Taste of Home, Women's Health, and many others.
Eggland's Best's hens are fed a strictly controlled, proprietary, high-quality all-vegetarian diet, which results in a better tasting, more nutritious egg that stays fresher longer. EB eggs are available in large, extra-large, jumbo, cage free, organic, hard-cooked, cage free hard-cooked, organic hard-cooked, liquid egg whites, and are certified Kosher. For more information, visit

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Access to medications shouldn't depend on your job

We could give politicians the same medication coverage plans as food servers and see if that speeds up their deliberations about publicly-funding medications

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By Nav Persaud
Expert Adviser
Nav Persaud
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Members of Parliament mulling options for publicly-funding medications will likely take their sweet time. There's no rush for them because they already have the type of access to medications contemplated for other Canadians.
While approximately three million Canadiansdon't take medications as directed because of the cost, MPs and other lawmakers enjoy platinum medication plans for themselves and their families.
I'm glad our elected leaders have access to life-saving medications like insulin and treatments for HIV-AIDS. It would be absurd to allow our leaders to die preventable deaths while holding elected office.
But it's also absurd that most taxi drivers or daycare workers, for example, must either pay for medications or suffer. The consequences of untreated diabetes include heart attacks, strokes and death. Are we prepared to allow people who work as food servers, artists or small business owners to die from treatable conditions?
While we should celebrate the fact that Parliament is becoming more diverse, the House is still very different from the rest of the country. Twenty-six per cent of MPs are women - less than the number of low-income families headed by a woman in our country (34 per cent) and, of course, about half of the number it should be. We don't have a clear tally of the self-reported ethnicities of MPs, but you can decide where you're more likely to encounter racial diversity: on Parliament Hill or behind the counter of a fast-food restaurant (or in another low-wage job).
New Canadians can and do make it big here, but that's not true for immigrants cut down in their prime by a stroke that could have been prevented by high blood pressure treatments.
Publicly-funded medicine provisions for lawmakers could even delay needed policy changes. MPs and other lawmakers are insulated from our frayed patchwork system, where some people have public or private plans but others don't.
Studies in the United States have shown that lawmakers who have children in private schools are less likely to vote for laws that support public schools. Canadian lawmakers may be slow to support publicly-funded mediation access for all Canadians because they wouldn't be affected by the change - their coverage is already great.
Over the last 40 years, multiple reports have recommended public funding of medications. Witnesses who recently appeared before the parliamentary committee repeated overwhelming arguments for including medications in our publicly-funded health system. According to surveys, Canadians overwhelming reject the idea that your access to medications should depend on your job.
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Joseph Micallef
Joseph V. Micallef is a historian, best-selling author, keynote speaker and commentator on military and international affairs.
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The entire episode feels increasingly like a Russian intelligence operation designed to create political turmoil in the U.S. and exacerbate social tensions (PREMIUM membership content)

People understandably worry about taxes going up if medications are publicly funded. But in fact, we're already paying more than $1,000 per person in Canada, or a total of $30 billion per year, on medications. Government spending represents 40 per cent of that whopping amount and the rest is insurance fees and out-of-pocket charges.
We should be able to publicly fund the most important essential medicines for every person in Canada for the amount we're paying now. Bulk purchasing should reduce prices per pill the way it has in countries that are smaller than Canada, like Sweden and New Zealand. We wouldn't need to pay for both public and private administrative systems for medications and the drug budget wouldn't end up as profit for insurance companies.
We could also better promote the appropriate use of medicines.
Insurance companies advertise their large medication lists as though a wider selection is better. But less can be more when it comes to medications. Some studies have demonstrated that doctors make better prescribing decisions when they choose from a shorter list of medicines. Doctors can't keep track of thousands of drugs; they tend to prescribe a relatively small number out of habit. But the medications you get shouldn't be determined by your doctor's habits - or whether they were influenced by an advertisement in a medical journal for a new drug.
The World Health Organization has created a model list of essential medicines that more than 100 countries have adapted to their own circumstances. We could do the same in Canada and that list could be the basis for an equitable publicly-funded medication policy.
There are two ways to level the playing field between lawmakers and everyone else.
We could publicly fund essential medications for everyone in Canada just like we publicly fund essential health-care services, such as seeing a doctor or having an X-ray.
Or we could give lawmakers the same medication coverage plans as food servers and see if that speeds up their deliberations about publicly-funding medications.
Nav Persaud is an expert adviser with, a physician and scientist in Toronto and an assistant professor at the University of Toronto.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Hammond's Brands Pantry Candies Offer More Ways to Snack on Sweets

Just Launched: Grab-and-Go Packs of Popular Hard Candies

DENVER, Feb. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Customers asked, and Hammond's listened. The parent company of Hammond's Candies, Old Dominion Peanut Company, McCraw's Candies, and Mellow Fluffs has added new packaging for five of its most popular everyday treats.
The popular confectioner's recently expanded Pantry Candy line now features 4 oz. bags of flavorful, old-fashioned hard candies:
  • Lemon Drops that perfectly capture the citrus bite of a freshly picked lemon.
  • Sour Balls that leave the bravest snacker's lips puckered.
  • Root Beer Barrels that bring back memories of a visit to the drive-in.
  • Cinnamon Drops that give snackers an excuse to enjoy this seasonal flavor year-round.
  • Licorice Drops that encapsulate the piquant taste of anise.
Each candy in this expanding Pantry Candy line comes packed in 8 retail units per display ready case, and each individual bag has a suggested retail price of $2.99. If you can't seem to keep your shelves stocked with Hammond's festive gift versions of these classics, fear not! Each flavor will continue to be offered in the popular 10 oz. gift tins as well.
"Close to 260 million Americans snacked on candy in 2017[1] and quite a few of these snackers reached out to us to let us know they had a taste for pantry candy!" said Andrew Schuman, Hammond's President and CEO. "We're excited to be able to give our customers what they want — specifically, an easier way to treat themselves to the sweets that they've been gifting for years."
Customer demand points to these new products going quickly. Place your order today by visiting or by calling 1-800-CANDY-99 (1-800-226-3999).
About Hammond's
Hammond's Candies began delighting candy lovers with artisan candy canes, beautifully spun ribbon candy, and larger-than-life lollipops when it was founded by the Hammond family in 1920, making it Colorado's favorite handmade confectioner for decades. In 2007, the company became the Hammond's that it is today through its acquisition by current President and CEO Andrew Schuman, growing from a much-loved, local candy company to a leading gourmet sweet provider with national regard (and has doubled the number of employees). Since then, Hammond's has gone on to acquire such companies as McCraw's Candies in 2010 and Old Dominion Peanut Company in 2012 as well as to gain impressive recognitions for their brand packaging and product innovation.
Follow Hammond's Candies on Facebook at and on Pinterest at to stay up to date on their latest releases. More information is also available at or by calling 1-800-CANDY-99 (1-800-226-3999).
Media Contact: Lynn Brainard
Telephone: 714-771-4397 

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Fat but fit? Study shows benefits of exercise can outweigh health effects of severe obesity

York U research shows you can't judge a person's fitness by weight alone
TORONTO, February 12, 2018 — Can you be fit and healthy even if you’re overweight? That’s the question researchers at York University’s Faculty of Health set out to answer in a new study that shows physical activity may be equally and perhaps even more important than weight for people living with severe obesity.

According to the recent study, led by Jennifer Kuk, associate professor in York University’s School of Kinesiology and Health Science, and collaborator Dr. Sean Wharton, MD, medical director of the Wharton Medical Clinic and adjunct professor at York University, individuals with severe obesity who are fit have a similar health profile to those who weigh significantly less than them. The goal of the study was to look at the benefits of cardiorespiratory fitness on cardiovascular health in populations with mild to severe obesity.
The results suggest individuals with even severe obesity, or a BMI greater than 40, can be fit and healthy. 

“Obesity is only related with worse health in individuals who were unfit,” says Kuk. “We know that once you get beyond a BMI of 40, the risk of cardiovascular conditions increases exponentially so this study shows that having a high fitness level is still beneficial and it really reinforces the importance of fitness.”
Kuk says doing 150 minutes of exercise per week, as per physical activity guidelines, generally translates to less than half pound of weight loss. Nevertheless, this amount of exercise can mean dramatic improvements in health for those with severe obesity.

“You really have to disconnect the body weight from the importance of fitness,” says Kuk. “You can get fit without losing weight and have health benefits.”
Data was gathered from 853 Canadian patients attending Wharton Medical weight management clinics in Southern Ontario.  Individuals completed a clinical exam which included fasting blood measures and a maximal treadmill stress test.   

The amount of fitness necessary to achieve health benefits was far less than what most individuals would think. The research showed that the greatest health benefits come from avoiding the lowest 20 per cent of fitness levels. This means that 80 per cent of people are fit enough to get health benefits. 
In this study, 41% of participants with mild obesity had high fitness levels, while 25 per cent and 11 per cent of the participants with moderate and severe obesity, respectively, had high fitness.  Individuals with severe obesity were more likely to have high blood pressure, glucose, and triglycerides if they were in the lowest 20 per cent of fitness levels, but were not more likely to have these issues if they were in the 80 per cent group. Earlier research has shown that much less physical activity is required to improve health than is needed to lose weight.  However, this is some of the first research suggesting that physical activity may be more important for people living with severe obesity.

“In my practice, I see many patients who are looking for different results,” says Wharton. “There are some patients that want to significantly improve their health and others that are only looking for an aesthetic goal. When it comes to health, this study reinforces the notion that people don’t need to lose weight to be healthy.”

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research funded study, Association between cardiorespiratory fitness and metabolic risk factors in a population with mild to severe obesity was recently published in BMC Obesity.

Watch this video with Professor Kuk’s interview:

York University champions new ways of thinking that drive teaching and research excellence. Our students receive the education they need to create big ideas that make an impact on the world. Meaningful and sometimes unexpected careers result from cross-disciplinary programming, innovative course design and diverse experiential learning opportunities. York students and graduates push limits, achieve goals and find solutions to the world’s most pressing social challenges, empowered by a strong community that opens minds. York U is an internationally recognized research university – our 11 faculties and 25 research centres have partnerships with 200+ leading universities worldwide. Located in Toronto, York is the third largest university in Canada, with a strong community of 53,000 students, 7,000 faculty and administrative staff, and more than 300,000 alumni.  York U's fully bilingual Glendon Campus is home to Southern Ontario's Centre of Excellence for French Language and Bilingual Postsecondary Education.

Friday, February 9, 2018

New Accessory for Protecting and Carrying Snowboards Awarded Patent – Board Bootie

New Accessory for Protecting and Carrying Snowboards Awarded Patent – Board Bootie:

 Board Bootie LLC, the creator of a lightweight new accessory for protecting and carrying a snowboard hands-free has been awarded a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Monday, February 5, 2018

The top journalists speak out for Patrick Brown

I can think of almost nothing that requires less fortitude than accusing someone else of wrongdoing when your own face, name and identity are hidden

Sudbury letter: Patrick Brown the real victim

Justin Trudeau is a fair-minded person. He knows better than to greet the destruction of a prominent political career with joy

Patrick Brown is a man ruined, on the word of two anonymous complainants whose allegations have been accepted as facts, writes Rosie DiManno.

Chris Selley: There's no justice in politics. Morons win, geniuses lose...