Friday, January 14, 2011

Sandra Freer Book Review of: The “Dung Beetle Manager”

The “Dung Beetle Manager” by Scott W. Dunlap is a soft-covered book published by Outskirts Press Inc. October 26, 2009.
Dunlap uses the world of dung beetles to entertain readers in a humorous yet articulate manner to describe, metaphorically, the similar behaviour of business management. The book is aimed at coping strategies in business; in particular for the middle management - “The Workforce.”

 "The workforce are those who are forced to eat dung, clean it, step in it, or get it thrown in their faces." The people who drop dung are called “Executives.” The lower or mid management are left to clean up after the executives with pressure from both sides.

The Dung Beetle Manager

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