Tuesday, March 1, 2011

EveryDayLiving.com™: The Mom Squad

The Mom Squad is an exciting new website which offers Product Reviews and many resources including a directory, product recalls, events and news.  The Product reviews are tested by our Mom Patrol including volunteer moms; and winners receive our Badge of Excellence, all in the pursuit of Everything Exceptional.

The Mom Squad is moms trusted source for tried tested and true products and services and keeping moms informed.  The Mom Squad is patrolling neighbourhoods in the in pursuit of everything exceptional because not only does Mom know best, Mom deserves the best. 

The Mom Squad came to exist because as a mother of two and an Aunt to so many, I was tired of purchasing products and trying services that were either of poor quality or just unnecessary.  In the same token, I was always going crazy searching the internet to find play groups, product ideas and amenities in my area and seemed to find many websites that offered only partial information.  So the search continued.

We are also very excited to be having our 1st Annual Mom Squad Product Testing Day.  Bring your family and enjoy a day of fun and activity while testing products for us.  Don’t miss out on your chance to test the products, get your VIP Card today!  www.themomsquad.ca

Tracee Sheldrake, SCS., CTP  She is a Certified Mystery Shopper and Tourism Professional with over 15 years of experience.  Tracee is the Founder of The Mom Squad, Facilitator / Event Specialist for Simple Solutions, and most importantly Mother of two.  She has a wealth of knowledge and information working for companies and being an independent contractor.  Tracee is dedicated to improving customer service.

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