Wednesday, August 17, 2011


REESE® Minis Perfectly Tiny Awards to honour the biggest little things in Canada
Enjoying the small things in life is important to Canadians which is why Hershey Canada is searching coast to coast to honour our biggest little things. As part of the Canadian launch of REESE® Minis candy, the REESE® Minis Perfectly Tiny Awards will recognize five perfectly tiny things in Canada just for being mini.

Whether it means owning a perfectly tiny horse or living in a perfectly tiny house, five honourees will receive a one year supply of REESE® Minis candy, a customized trophy and of course bragging rights for being so perfectly tiny. For fun, REESE® Minis fans can visit to select their favourite perfectly tiny thing or to let Hershey know about perfectly tiny things they feel should be honoured.

"Taking time to celebrate the small things is important” says Sean Citrigno, spokesperson for REESE® Minis. "Just like new REESE® Minis candy, the Perfectly Tiny Awards are an example of how even the tiniest things can spread a huge amount of happiness.”

The latest mini-innovation, REESE® Minis candies are the smallest REESE® PEANUT BUTTER CUPS® candies ever. REESE® Minis candies are approximately the size of a dime and feature the same perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter as traditional REESE® PEANUT BUTTER CUPS® candies but in a smaller version allowing consumers to easily enjoy the treat anytime, anywhere.

REESE® Minis candies are available in a 210g re-sealable, standup pouch, keeping them fresh and delicious. REESE® Minis candies also come in a 130g pouch. They are available at most mass, grocery, drug and convenience stores nationwide.
About Hershey Canada

Hershey Canada Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hershey Company (New York Stock Exchange: HSY) that distributes and sells confectionery, snack, refreshment and grocery products in Canada. Major brands include CHIPITS, EAT-MORE, GLOSETTE, HERSHEY'S, JOLLY RANCHER, OH HENRY!, REESE, AND TWIZZLER.

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