Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vim® PowerPro™ Naturals Kitchen

Naturally-derived ingredients with the tough cleaning power of Vim.

The new Vim PowerPro™ Naturals Kitchen cleaner defies the skeptics who believe a natural-based cleaner cannot work as well as traditional cleaners. In fact, Vim PowerPro™ Naturals Kitchen with 95% naturally derived ingredients is tougher on grease* versus the leading all-purpose cleaners. Vim is so confident that Canadians will love Vim PowerPro™ Naturals Kitchen that it is offering a money back guarantee on the product.

Vim PowerPro™ Naturals provides a solution for Moms who prefer to use a natural-based cleaner, but who don’t want to compromise on clean. It’s perfect for stainless steel sinks, glass, granite, and laminate counter tops, barbeques, china fixtures and sinks and stainless steel appliances.

This powerful lineup also includes: Vim PowerPro™ Naturals Bathroom and Vim Cream Naturals Multipurpose Cream.

Mom’s seeking cleaning options A new survey** commissioned by New Vim PowerPro™ Naturals found that less than a quarter (24%) of Moms who use other natural-based cleaning products are very satisfied with their performance for general household cleaning. Moms who don’t use natural based cleaners say that, if they did, they would use them primarily in the kitchen (45%)

Priced in-line with traditional Vim cleaners

The Vim PowerPro™ Naturals survey** found that the top reason Moms (cited by 59%) are not using natural-based cleaners is the belief that they cost more than the traditional cleaners. Vim PowerPro™ Naturals Kitchen is priced in-line with the traditional Vim cleaners at a suggested retail price of $3.99- $4.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Availability Vim PowerPro™ Naturals Kitchen will be available January 22, 2012 at leading Canadian grocery, drug, and mass merchandise store.

### *Based on extensive tests in which Vim PowerPro™ Naturals Kitchen removed more grease with a fixed number of rubs vs. the leading all-purpose cleaners

** Based on an online survey of 1,112 Canadian mothers between the ages of 25-55 who are Angus Reid forum panel members, conducted between July 13 and July 14, 2011. Trade-marks owned or used under license by Unilever Canada, Toronto, On M4W 3R2

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