Thursday, December 18, 2014

What to Know About Electric Space Heaters

Mr. Electric guide for electric heater safety

 – Winter can be tough on heaters, and sometimes one heater is just not enough to heat an entire house. Electric space heaters can be very helpful; however, if they are not used and monitored properly, electric space heaters can be dangerous. 
Mr. Electric has some easy tips to follow to make sure space heaters are used correctly.

Check Safety features
Before buying a space heater, be sure it has been safety certified.  There should be a safety certification mark on the box. Many space heaters have a safety feature that automatically turns the space heater off when it is tipped to a certain degree.
General Inspection
When using the space heater for the first time, or the first time in a while, inspect for damages. Check the power cord for burn marks or frays. The heater unit itself should be inspected for dents, and other damages that may cause a malfunction. Turn switches on and off to make sure they are in proper working order.
Proper Heater Use
Place the heater on a level, stable surface at least three feet away from any combustible items. Due to the amount of heat that can be generated, never run the heater cords under carpets or rugs because this can damage the cords and possibly lead to fires.
General Heater Safety
Never leave an electric heater unattended. Before moving the heater itself, switch it off and allow time for it to cool down. Be sure to keep children and animals away from space heaters. They produce a lot of heat and the unit can be hot to the touch.
Electric heaters can be a great way to keep a home warm during these chilly winter months. Following these tips from Mr. Electric will keep homeowners safe and warm this winter.
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