Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Davisco to Highlight New Innovative Whey Protein Ingredients at IFT15

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., July 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

 Davisco, Business Unit of Agropur Inc. will be exhibiting at the Institute
of Food Technologists Food Expo in
Chicago July 12-14 (Booth 961) highlighting
new whey protein ingredients. These latest ingredients
are ideal for protein fortification of snack foods and other
 nutritional products with the high quality and high purity
whey proteins for which Davisco is known.
High Protein Bar
A protein-packed 6 oz. nighttime beverage containing 20 grams high
quality alpha-lactalbumin with approximately 2 grams leucine and
 1 gram tryptophan highlights what can be done with Davisco's
 industry-leading high purity whey protein fraction. This product
concept highlights not only the unique nutritional profile of this
 alpha-lactalbumin isolate, but the heat stability, clarity and
clean-flavor suitable for aseptically-processed low acid
beverages and supplements. This ingredient is most broadly
used for infant nutrition products and is also suitable for
 targeted nutritional products seeking high levels of natural
tryptophan with whey protein quality and functionality.
The beverage prototype is naturally flavored with ginger
and sweetened with sugar to highlight the exceptionally
clean flavor of Davisco's Alpha. This combination of
 protein per serving, amino acid profile and nutritional
quality, clean-flavor, high clarity and superior heat
stability in a low acid beverage is only possible
 with 90% pure Alpha-lactalbumin.

A trail mix bar with premium visible particulates and held
together with a viscosity-controlled binder highlights two
 new ingredients from Davisco suitable for snack foods
. BioZate® 7 is a high purity hydrolyzed whey protein
isolate that can be used at high levels while maintaining
product and process-friendly texture and viscosity.
 Unique to BioZate® 7 is an absence of bitterness
 and a protein purity typically at 95% dry basis.
 Both BioZate 7 and Davisco's WPC-80 Heat Stable
 ingredient are also used in a whey protein crisp,
extruded on a twin-screw extruder to highlight
the light texture and air-cell stabilization that is
possible in 50% and 60% protein crisps.
The complete trail mix bar prototype is formulated
to have 10 grams protein in a 40 gram serving,
with ginger, nuts, pumpkin seeds, and a
 Thai spice seasoning blend in a unique
 premium savory whey protein concept.
About Davisco (Business Unit of Agropur Inc.):

Davisco (www.daviscofoods.com) is a worldwide
dairy global business headquartered in Le Sueur,
Minnesota.  Operating five dairy processing plants
(cheese, whey and other dairy-based food ingredients)
 in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Idaho. Davisco makes
65 percent of the whey protein isolates sold worldwide.

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