Thursday, November 19, 2015

Leaner Creamer: Finally, An All-Natural Powdered Coffee Creamer That Curbs Your Cravings!

Leaner Coffee Creamer is the newest innovation in the coffee experience 
 and the talk of the health food and weight loss community.

Leaner Creamer has announced
the first all-natural powdered coffee creamer that promotes weight
loss and helps with appetite suppression. The product is now
available for purchase online and in select stores.
Leaner Creamer
"We are excited to have created the only natural coffee creamer that curbs
 your cravings.
 We want to encourage coffee drinkers to get rid of the chemicals and start
drinking creamy coffee guilt-free," said CEO and founder Jonathan Kashani.
The innovative concept behind Leaner Creamer can be credited to Kashani, a former
lawyer with a background in biology, physiology and medicine. This experience provided
 Kashani a first-hand look at both high-stress environments and the physician side of
various weight loss programs. The combination of rising countrywide obesity rates
and an increasingly ubiquitous use of artificial coffee creamers sparked a desire in
Kashani to revolutionize the way people drink coffee. He thought that creating a
creamer that was both all natural and appetite suppressing would mean offering the
 public a weight loss tool that could be easily incorporated into their already
established daily routine.

When Kashani began dating his now-wife, Natasha Kashani, he noticed that she
 was both working out frequently and using artificial coffee creamer – two things
 that seemed incongruent to him. This re-ignited his drive to create a healthy
 creamer alternative, and helped him decide to leave law and commit to
 Leaner Creamer. Natasha serves as the company's Director of Marketing.
The powdered creamer's unique, coconut oil-based formula is an all-natural
 blend of Citrus Aurantium Extract, Hoodia and Green Tea Extract.
These products help to speed up metabolism, aid digestion, increase
 lipolysis and suppress hunger – making the formula an effective weight loss tool.
 Finished with a hint of vanilla, the creamer is both aromatic and appetizing.
By eliminating the fat, non-natural ingredients and toxic chemicals while
 preserving flavor, Leaner Creamer is a healthy alternative to
raditional coffee creamers.

Leaner Creamer has been publicly endorsed by high-profile social influencers
 including Bethenny Frankel, David Hasselhoff, Scott Disick and Paige Hathaway.
 The product has quickly gained a dedicated social media following on platforms
 including Instagram and Facebook, where users can connect with the brand
and share personal testimonials.

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