Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Leader in Hot Sauces Ashley Foods Brings the Heat with Mark of the Beast Pepper Extract

SUDBURY, Mass., Aug., 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- You might think you're ready to experience
 the Mark of the Beast, but before you try it out, you should take a step back and prepare
yourself. Are you ready to sweat out every bit of liquid in your pores? Are you prepared to feel the burn?

After years of experimentation, hot-sauce master David Ashley has finally outdone himself.
With a heat level that comes close Plutonium #9 and some of Mad Dog's other hot sauces,
Mark of the Beast offers both maddening fire and a delicious, peppery flavor.
This high-quality HPLC-certified pepper extract offers a Scoville heat score of six million
units per drop. If you're not familiar with the Scoville heat scale, let us break it down for you.
Walking through a burning hell fire would seem like a cool shower compared to this stuff.
It's not for the faint of heart, but if you can't get enough spice in your life, you'll quickly
 realize you've met your match with Mark of the Beast. Like our other hot sauces and
extracts, we make Mark of the Beast in small, carefully monitored batches using the
 finest natural ingredients. Live life to the hottest with Mark of the Beast hot pepper extract.

Although Ashley Foods wasn't officially founded until 1991, David Ashley's passion for
hot sauce started much earlier. What began as an experiment in Ashley's home kitchen
in Brighton, Massachusetts, quickly grew into an empire of spicy prosperity. From
 winning national hot sauce awards to collaborating with famous musicians like the
Dead's Bob Weir or Aerosmith's Joe Perry, Ashley's Mad Dog 357 hot sauce brand
 has more than earned its strong reputation for taste and fire. The Ashley Food
Company prides itself on using carefully selected hot peppers from all around the
world as well as other high-quality, natural ingredients. Ashley Foods is a proud
American company, and we manufacture all of our products in the United States.

For more information about Mark of the Beast Pepper Extract and our other spicy foods,
 please contact David Ashley at 1-800-61-SAUCE or Email.

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