Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Paleo Recipe Book Provides Most Complete Resource on Paleo Way of Eating, Giving Health-conscious Consumers Tools and Practical Advice for Diet, Lifestyle Change

With 372 recipes covering
18 distinct categories, The Paleo Recipe Book is an indispensable resource
 for anyone following the Paleo diet, regardless of experience level.
The Paleo Recipe Book is available in electronic form on any platform
and any device. Learn more at http://jonataho.wix.com/recipes-book.

The Paleo Recipe Book comes with a collection of bonus features that make
 it an even better investment for anyone serious about embracing the Paleo
 lifestyle. The meal plan feature, which covers 8 weeks of meals and snacks,
is geared toward those looking for a simple introduction to the diet. Meal
planning is also tremendously helpful for those with hectic schedules.
Unlike many Paleo guides, The Paleo Recipe Book makes room for sweets
 with a selection of 15 delectable desserts. Yet another bonus feature is the
assortment of 30 simple, fast Paleo recipes that can be lifesavers when
crunched for time and starving.
The Paleo Recipe Book also includes a handy guide to herbs and spices,
along with cheat sheets for some of the diet's challenging aspects, such as
 portion sizes, Paleo flours and thickening agents, and the use of coconut milk.

A cheat sheet entitled "troubleshooting" Paleo helps cooks solve common kitchen challenges.
The theory underlying the Paleo diet is that agriculture and domesticated animals
are relatively new phenomena in the history of homo sapiens. Instead, for most of the
 species' existence, people consumed only what could be hunted or gathered locally,
 which included ample amounts of meat and certain varieties of fruits and vegetables.
 From this point of view, modern diets contain a profound imbalance of nutrient
s that human digestive systems are not designed to accommodate.
Advocates of the Paleo diet see it as a solution to many of the chronic health problems
 facing society today, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and a variety of
autoimmune disorders and food intolerances. Paleo entails ditching grains and other
 processed foods; a good rule of thumb is to shop at the margins of grocery stores
 and avoid the aisles. Natural, saturated fats and animal proteins are the foundation
of the Paleo diet. Dairy, added sugar and artificial ingredients, on the other hand,
 should be removed from the menu.

The creators of The Paleo Recipe Book are confident that everyone will find
 something to love in its pages. Nevertheless, buyers are fully covered by a 60-day,
 no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

About the Author
Sebastien Noel is the author of the Paleo Recipe Book. He believes that anyone
can improve his or her health and wellbeing tremendously with simple diet and lifestyle
changes, and he thinks that health is key to a happy and fulfilled life.

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