Monday, April 16, 2018

CollapseAndGo Launches the First Ever Collapsible Baby Bottle and Sippy Cup on Kickstarter

CollapseAndGo's easy-to-stow, on-the-go design makes parenting less chaotic

Today, the CollapseAndGo team launched their Kickstarter campaign for the first ever fully collapsible baby bottle and sippy cup, the Collapsabottle and Collapsacup, with a funding goal of $15,000. CollapseAndGo makes it simple for busy, on the go parents to take and pack their baby bottles and sippy cups and offers the added benefit of having more storage space in the kitchen and diaper bags.

The Collapsabottle and Collapsacup collapse down to the size of a hockey puck, which is 1 and ¾ inches, allowing for easy storage. Its organic shape resembles the natural shape and feel of a mother, and parents can collapse the bottle as a baby drinks, reducing their air intake to minimize gas and discomfort. From a bottle nipple to a sippy cup top, CollapseAndGo bottles have interchangeable lids, so parents do not have to buy new cups as their children grow, and the handle attachment makes it easy for older babies to hold.

CollapseAndGo products are also 100% safe for children. Silicone is odorless, tasteless and mold- and bacteria-resistant. CollapseAndGo bottles will not stain, cloud, or seep harmful chemicals.
"The Collapsabottle and Collapsacup are both made from the best quality silicone available and pass the most rigid food safety testing standards. They are BPA-, PVC-, lead- and Phthalate-free, so in other words, they are EXTREMELY safe," said CollapseAndGo Co-founder Lauren Shapiro. "You can even put the bottles in boiling water to heat them up for your baby. Additionally, the Collapsabottle and Collapsacup are dishwasher safe, so no longer will you have to hand wash and dry all of those bottles on top of your counter to free up extra counter space and keep them clean."
To make on-the-go parenting easier, pre-order a Collapsabottle and Collapsacup for $12 on Kickstarter. For more information about the products, visit

About CollapseAndGo
When newborn parents Matthew Mittleman and Lauren Shapiro were shopping for collapsible baby bottles and sippy cups (because their diaper bag was overflowing and their cabinets were cluttered), they realized these bottles and cups did not exist. From there, the new collapsible, top-of-the-line baby bottles and sippy cups were created, bringing CollapseAndGo to life. For more information about CollapseAndGo, visit

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