Friday, August 24, 2018

Drug Store Opening Botox Clinics results in bad publicity for drug manufacturers

Wrinkle Injections: Injured by Botox – and fighting in court - Botox i...: As the controversial treatment hits the high street, JACQUI DEEVOY speaks to the victims who are set to sue two of its biggest manufacturers.
"The drug comes with risks but the severity seems to be underplayed by the companies manufacturing it and by those administering it. Since 2009 the US Food And Drug Administration (FDA) has required Botox to carry a “black box”, the strictest warning in the labelling of drugs or drug products.
It indicates that there’s reasonable evidence of an association of a serious hazard with the drug. There is no official warning attached to Botox or Dysport® in the UK or anywhere in Europe.
Since 2003 Allergan has been sued several times with claimants suffering droopy eyelids, numbness, headaches, swallowing and breathing problems, brain damage and death.
In 2011, Allergan was ordered to pay $212million (£166million) compensation to a Virginia man who suffered brain damage after using the drug to treat hand tremors. It was also fi ned $600million in 2010 for “misbranding”.
To date there have been no lawsuits in the UK, despite plenty of reports of adverse reactions to the drug.
Lawyer Stephen Fidler and the 24 victims want to change that. “A large file of papers proving, in our view, an offence of administration of a noxious substance, has been delivered to the City of London Police,” he says. “We understand that they are reviewing the matter.”
However, a spokesman for Allergan insists: “Patient safety is a priority for Allergan and we take any reports of side effects related to all of our products very seriously, however we cannot comment on specific cases. “Allergan believes that medical aesthetic injectable treatments are medical procedures and should only be carried out by a trained and qualified healthcare professional in an appropriate clinical environment.”
Ipsen was unavailable to comment."

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