Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Father's Day - Philips Wake-up Light

Father's Day....consider the gift of a perfect wake-up with the Philips Wake-up Light. To help dad feel refreshed and ready to enjoy his favourite morning activities such as going for a run before work or fishing at the cottage, the Philips Wake-up Light is a great way for dad to feel naturally recharged and alive.

The Wake-up Light simulates sunrise by gradually filling a room with bright light. For example, to awake at 6:00 a.m., you set the Wake-up Light to start at 5:30 a.m. The light will increase its brightness over the course of thirty minutes, gently preparing the body for waking up while you are still asleep.

The Wake-up Light comes with natural sounds that play when the highest light intensity has been reached. Users can also play their favourite FM station or add new sounds and music via USB.

Wake-up Light Features:
Four natural sounds and FM radio
Dusk simulation
Two alarms
Memory for three radio stations
USB port to upload new wake-up sounds from and your own music (only available on Wake-up Light Plus 3485)

Smart-snooze; tap anywhere
Philips Hf3470/60 Wake-up Light, WhitePhilips Hf3485 Wake-up Light Plus, White

Philips Hf3470/60 Wake-up Light, White
Philips Hf3485 Wake-up Light Plus, White

The Wake-up Light (3470) is priced at $119.99 and available at

The Wake-up Light Plus (3485) is priced at $179.99 and available at Personal Edge and

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