Friday, September 21, 2012


Although progress has been made, Greek quality foods do not have a vast presence on the shelves of international supermarkets and delicatessen shops, something that the Food Experts of I.C.B. Services Ltd wish to improve.

Food Experts and food inspectors, I.C.B. Services Ltd (, have very recently announced their engagement in food distribution through the creation of their Freshline Gourmet brand ( Freshline Gourmet offers a special selection of authentic Greek foods of uncompromised quality at a great value for money to supermarkets and delicatessens across Europe. Since the launch of I.C.B. Services Ltd in 2008, it has audited and certified hundreds of food producers from different regions of Greece. With its engagement in food distribution in late 2011, the company is in a unique position to guarantee the highest quality of the products it finally chooses to distribute, simply because its food inspectors have srutinely inspected themselves each of their collaborating producers who comply to the strictest food quality standards.

Andri Andreou, Managing Director of I.C.B. Services Ltd, said, “We are very excited to bring health and longevity to family tables, by providing them with some of the highest quality foods Greece has to offer. We feel confident that our new venture will prove to be an overwhelming success.”

Since 2008, I.C.B. Services Ltd have established themselves as key players in the field of food inspections, certifications and auditing in Greece. Roaming agreements have been set up with many food producers from different regions of Greece. The combination of their great passion for authentic quality greek foods together with the wide ranging experiences acquired through the inspections and certifications of producers of the finest foods from various regions of Greece, persuaded them in December of 2011 to engage in food distribution under the brand “Freshline Gourmet”.

The company's Extra Virgin Olive Oil of extremely low acidity (commonly below 0.2% at harvest) is already present in UK Delicatessens, while very soon European delis and supermarkets will enjoy Freshline Gourmet's Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oils with Pure Natural Herbs or Fruits, Pure Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Pomace Oil, a selection of Greek Wines as well as their various types of Olives & Olive Pastes,. As customer demand for certain products increases, Freshline Gourmet will keep expanding its product range to better fulfill the needs of its customers. As the company grows, it forms new partnerships with the best small producers of various carefully selected greek natural foods, also enhancing the country's export activity in these very difficult economic times.

These small producers of genuine products (some even home made), find a way to export their products through Freshline Gourmet, taking advantage of the knowledge and guidance they provide, while at the same time assuring their customers on the authenticity, quality, origin, taste, nutritional value and last but not least the food safety of the products they sell.
Freshline Gourmet is more than just another Food brand, Freshline Gourmet is giving the chance to the customer and consumer to be able to enjoy unique authentic premium quality greek foods until recently enjoyed only by very few priviledged Greek families, and of course at certified quality and very competitive prices.

For additional information, contact:
Dennis Koutoudis, Marketing Manager
Freshline Gourmet
Telephone: 00357 22007895
Mobile: 0030-6944015092

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