Tuesday, October 28, 2014

EAP, LLC: Inspiring Wellness, Leading by Example

Lawrence Executive Alliance Of Professionals (LEAP), CEO and President, Dr. Clayton G. Lawrence, leads the company with his personal commitment to health and wellness as an endurance athlete.

LEAP, LLC: Inspiring Wellness, Leading by Example
- Lawrence Executive Alliance of Professionals (LEAP), LLC, has been a leading firm in the medical staffing industry since 2007. Led by health/fitness expert and veteran military physician, Dr. Clayton G. Lawrence, the award-winning firm has sought to raise the bar for healthcare excellence and has been actively involved in leading by example when it comes to health and wellness best practices.

Since 2011, Dr. Lawrence has been an avid endurance athlete. As a marathon runner, he has participated in 50 marathons and run more than 6000 miles. After serving in the United States Army and becoming accustomed to the discipline and physical fitness required by the military, making the choice to become an endurance athlete was a decision that Lawrence says was inspiring and exciting. "Serving in the military creates a very strong sense of responsibility to one’s overall well-being and develops an even stronger purpose for finding ways to continue improving your mental and physical strength throughout the course of your life. Endurance sports have given me an avenue to continue this self-improvement in a way that is challenging, but also very meaningful,” Dr. Lawrence stated.

Each of the marathons that Lawrence has participated in has been associated with a charitable cause. Most recently, Dr. Lawrence has run in a series of races honoring a specific branch of the military and a veteran-based nonprofit organization. This October, he completed the Army Ten-Miler in support of Hope for the Warriors and ran the Baltimore Marathon in support of the Catch A Lift Fund. On October 26th, he will run in the Marine Corps Marathon, which raises awareness and support for a number of charitable organizations such as the Semper Fi Fund, Wounded Warriors, and Team Fisher House.

“By participating in endurance sports events, not only am I hoping to set an example of living a proactive and healthy lifestyle as a healthcare executive, but I am also working to ensure that LEAP, LLC, is engaged in meaningful action in D.C. and throughout the nation,” says Lawrence. “These events bring together powerful organizations that are fighting to provide access to health and wellness resources for those that need it most. We can all work together in our own ways to provide people with the greatest quality of life possible, and to be a small part of that is incredibly rewarding and powerful.”

To learn more about Lawrence Executive Alliance of Professionals (LEAP), LLC, please visit www.leap4staffing.com.
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