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Host a Perfect Wine & Cheese Tasting Party with 5 Simple Tips from Isabelle von Boch

This Fall turn your attention away from outdoor barbecues to cozy evenings with friends and family. Discover simple and elegant entertaining ideas from Villeroy & Boch’s own in-house hospitality and entertaining expert Isabelle von Boch. 

NEW YORK: Fall is the perfect season for entertaining. The changing leaves and crisp air create the perfect setting for intimate get-togethers with friends. Hosting the perfect party doesn’t always have to mean a time consuming and elaborate event, says Isabelle von Boch.  Instead of a formal sit down dinner she recommends trying a wine and cheese tasting.  A good wine and cheese party is a great way to wow your guests without a lot of work. With just a few tabletop essentials and the right accompaniments you can easily create an unforgettable evening.
Wine & Cheese Tasting
Keep It Simple and Natural 
When planning your fall soiree the most important thing to remember is to keep it simple - a relaxed hostess makes the evening more enjoyable for everyone.  Host a tasting that reflects your entertaining style and let the season inspire you.

Plan Your Menu
Start by choosing a few great red and white wines and 4-5 fabulous cheeses.  Try using a theme like “A Taste of Italy” or “A Tour of France” to make your selections even easier.  Complete your spread with a good crusty baguette form your local bakery, some antipasti, and seasonal crudités. This is a menu anyone can handle and it gives your guests choices that are satisfying.

Create and Ambiance
Planning a wine and cheese party is more than just picking great pairings.  Presentation is equally as important as what you put on the plate. Make your food pop with white serving pieces.  A clean and modern serving platter provides the perfect canvas for any dish, and can easily be layered with vibrant linens and colored glassware.
Choose a white rustic dinnerware collection like Artesano which was inspired by the “farm-to-table” lifestyle. Arrange your serving station with a large serving platter in the center, various matching dip bowls and individual Artesano porcelain plates for an authentic artisanal look.
Layer basic white porcelain pieces with amber, smoke and burgundy glassware from the Color Concept collection on your table. These vibrant colorful glasses will help you bring Fall colors inside, and encourage guests to cleanse the palette between tastings, and to stay hydrated.
Color Concept glasses and bowls come in different sizes, so they are perfect as votive holders and for arranging seasonal floral accents on your serving station.

Keep it Glassy
Having the right wine glassware is just as important as having the right wine.  Use quality crystal that will bring out the bouquets and aromas of the wines, and add casual elegance to your tasting and toasting.  Versatile crystal sets from the Purismo range from Villeroy & Boch come in multiple styles and are an affordable way to accommodate all types of wines and your glassware needs.  Designed in partnership with European sommeliers, Purismo crystal glasses are a sophisticated choice for everyday use and entertaining.

Knives are Everything
Each cheese needs its own knife.  A soft cheese will have very different needs from a harder cheese.  Choose a set that can accommodate all variations of cheese like the Kensington Fromage Cheese Knives. Paying attention to small details like this will really make your party stand out, and make your event effortless and stylish.

About Villeroy & Boch
Founded in 1748, Villeroy & Boch is one of the largest porcelain manufacturers in the world, and an international premium lifestyle brand.  Villeroy & Boch is an innovative company guided by the time-honored tradition of high-quality tabletop, home and bath products.  Represented in 125 countries, Villeroy & Boch is headquartered in Mettlach, Germany.

About Isabelle von Boch
Isabelle is an eighth generation von Boch family member, and Villeroy & Boch premiere authority on hosting and decorating.  Today, during her international appearances as a Villeroy & Boch spokesperson she educates and inspires on everything there is to know about how to choose, enjoy and care for your dinnerware, fine china and crystal.  When she is not traveling the world inspiring others as a brand ambassador, she can be found sharing her love of entertaining with guests in her own home. She is an ardent ambassador of good taste, European hospitality and casual elegance.

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