Monday, October 5, 2015

Refresh and Renew Among Sedona’s Tranquil Landscape

The City Inspires As a Destination for Spiritual Enrichment

Visitors from across different corners of the world flock to the city to experience the array of amenities that enchants individuals with rejuvenation and revelation. The vast community of spiritual enrichment offerings includes everything from exploring the mysterious vortexes of ancient sites to holistic healing workshops, and everything in between.
The most popular avenues of personal improvement in Sedona are explored through one-of-a-kind spa treatments and through physical body/mind/spirit journeys.

The Suite Life of Spas
In the stunning luxury of local resorts and selection of spa centers, Sedona visitors can escape for some much-needed relaxation. It is no secret that Sedona hosts some of the world’s most exclusive spas, including the likes of Mii amo Spa, eForea Spa, Sedona New Day Spa and more. With spa services ranging from body scrubs to Native American ritualistic healing sessions, there’s no shortage of options to provide guests with an elevated level of relaxation.
One such service from Mii amo Spa at Enchantment Resort is the “Anasazi Ubtan,” which blends ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with botanicals from the Southwest. This treatment follows the format of a traditional Ubtan, which purifies, exfoliates and hydrates the body. It begins with an application of herbal paste using indigenous ingredients such as juniper berries and chaparral, and ends with an application of hydrating Juniper Orange Spice body lotion. Body treatments such as these are just some of the many enriching, and often trendy, services offered by Sedona’s array of spa facilities.

Vortex Exploration
According to MIT Honors Graduate Pete A. Sanders and David Cates, “Vortex sites are enhanced energy locations that facilitate prayer, meditation, mind/body healing and exploration of a personal relationship with one’s soul.” They do not possess the typical scientific definition of a swirling mass of air, water or fire, but they do offer individuals a deeper experience beneath the surface of consciousness.
For example, at Shamangelic Healing with Anahata, spiritual counselors offer a “Vortex Walk & Shamanic Medicine Wheel Ceremony” service. In this session, guests can allow the sacred beauty and energy of Sedona’s preternatural vortexes to help materialize healing and awakening. With both Shamanic and Buddhist teachings of spirituality and sacred wisdom, the counselors will explore the four elements of water, air, earth and fire during a sacred medicine wheel ceremony of personal healing and intention. Sessions such as these are popular among those seeking a physical connection to the Earth through Sedona’s mystical vortex sites.

A Healing Touch
Sedona is a mecca for alternative healers. Living this close to the beauty of the land has inspired many profoundly holistic approaches to healing. Whether individuals are currently troubled with health issues or are simply seeking wellness, pleasure and balance in life, a visit to a dedicated practitioner could open up new worlds for personal exploration.
One such group is Mystical Bazaar, which offers psychic readings, healing sessions, aura photography and more. Its service, “Akashic Records Healing,” is an elevated approach to healing and exploring one’s inner world. Accessing the Akashic records is a powerful tool to help guests remember paths chosen that led to circumstances of present life situations. By delving into the record of a soul’s journey, individuals are able to receive messages to better understand oneself, his or her personal path and life purpose.

Sedona offers a wide variety of transcendental adventures for interested individuals, and through the unique services, the city has found a niche. The Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association was created to align all efforts across the city, and form a unified association to the benefit those seeking higher consciousness. For more information about exploring your next spiritual journey in Sedona,

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