Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ashley Food Company: Celebrating 25 Years of Hot Sauce Wizardry, Ashley Food Company Dials up the Heat With Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition

Celebrating 25 Years of Hot Sauce Wizardry, Ashley Food Company Dials
 up the Heat 
With Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition

SUDBURY, Mass., Dec. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Featuring all-natural, locally grown
 varieties of some of the world's hottest peppers, Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition is
Ashley Food Company's way to celebrate 25 years in business. The Gold Edition
gives hot sauce aficionados more of what they want – high heat and unforgettable
flavor. Every 5-ounce bottle also comes with a custom gold bullet keychain
and tasting spoon. Ashley Food Company has built its reputation on handcrafted,
 small batches of category-defining hot sauces, and Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition
adds to that already great tradition.

As company founder David Ashley recalls, "When I first tried the new
Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition, it was like a forest fire lit up my tongue, and then
 I broke into a cold sweat. This sauce burns like nothing else and takes rarity
 to a new level. 'Gold' seemed like the perfect name for this unique recipe."
While the Gold Edition takes its name from the original, award-winning Mad Dog
357 hot sauce, the recipe is entirely new. Kicking the intensity up to 11, the
recipe is a careful blend of Carolina Reaper, Scorpion and Ghost peppers.
 With real, locally grown peppers as the main ingredients, Mad Dog 357
Gold Edition boasts an authentic taste – and a little goes a long way.
Objectively speaking, the sauce is among the hottest on the market. A generous
 infusion of 9 million Scoville Plutonium Extract brings the finished sauce
up to a blistering 1 million Scovilles.
Growing ingredients locally enables Ashley Food Company to develop unique
 flavors, while also offering a level of consistency and quality control that most
hot sauces cannot match. Perhaps most importantly, growing locally means the
company is able to offer its complete lineup of flavors all year.

Ashley Food Company is looking forward to another banner year in 2016.
 The team's pepper-growing endeavor has proven to be a great success, with over
7,000 pounds of exotic chilies harvested. "After 3 years of tasting and
 farming chilies," Ashley adds, "I tested one of the new Chocolate Reaper
crosses we are working on, and my face was numb for 30 minutes."
Products in development for 2016 include two new chili purees – one made
with Naga Morich and Ghost peppers, and another with Carolina Reaper peppers.
 Ashley Food Company also produces pepper extracts, mild hot sauces, pepper
powders and pods, and hot sauce gift packs.

About Ashley Food Company

David Ashley founded the Ashley Food Company in 1991. But Mad Dog was born
 five years earlier in David's Brighton, Massachusetts kitchen. Glowing reviews and
 multiple national hot sauce awards followed the development of their hand-crafted
 artisanal Mad Dog sauces. The acclaim came with collaborative inquiries from rock
 stars Joe Perry of Aerosmith and Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. Together, they
 produced products such as Joe Perry's Rock Your World Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce
 and a line of Wok Sauces with Bob Weir. The Ashley Food Company still uses only
 the finest all-natural ingredients, importing peppers and spices from all over the
 world as well as growing them locally for the hottest sauces you can stand –
 and some that are much hotter than that.

David Ashley
Ashley Food Company, Inc.
PO Box 912
Sudbury, MA 01776

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