Friday, December 11, 2015

BiPro USA Adds Natural Sweeteners to Flavored Products

 BiPro USA today announced that its flavored whey protein products will be naturally
sweetened moving forward. BiPro® chocolate and French vanilla varieties will no
 longer contain sucralose.

The slight alteration to BiPro's line of flavored whey protein isolate will not change the
products' top-notch nutritional profile or great taste. BiPro USA decided to alter
 the ingredients in its chocolate and French vanilla iterations after an overwhelming
 number of consumers expressed interest in a more natural whey protein.

"We are very excited to add natural sweeteners to BiPro's flavored whey protein isolates,"
 said Polly Olson, vice president of new business development, marketing and sales at
 Davisco. "Our product was already one of the highest quality proteins available in the
 world and carried a strong amino acid profile. Now it is naturally sweetened and
 naturally flavored, which will meet the demands of our customers. Flavored BiPro
 is now better than ever before."

BiPro USA is the consumer division of Davisco, a business unit of Agropur inc.

 To learn more about BiPro, check out our FAQ page.

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