Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The 1st Symposium on Human, Food and Health (HFH) was Held in Iran

The 1st Symposium on Human, Food and Health was held in the northern city of Lahijan. 
The event focused on man and health aimed at bringing scientific and research circles
 and executive authorities in the food industry closer together. Experts, researchers
 and producers active in the food industry attended the conference organized by the 
Nadi Food Industries.
LAHIJAN, Iran, Apr. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Nadi Food Industries: The 1st HFH
Symposium aimed to marry theory and practice, hence drawing on scientific research
and findings to improve the quality of foodstuffs and increase productivity in the food industry.

The keynote speaker was Keramatollah Rezaei, a professor at Tehran University
who has been picked as a top researcher by Essential Science Indicators, Thompson
 Reuters (ISI-ESI) and who is among the world's top food scientists and elite. In his speech
 titled "Functional Foods," he said, "Such foods not only serve their preliminary and basic
 purpose, but have additional function in the nutrition domain beyond simply functioning
as foodstuffs. These foods not only prevent, but also cure some diseases."
The following were among the topics high on the agenda at the symposium:
  • The role of foodstuffs in health
  • The role of grains and seeds in healthy nutrition
  • The role of flour products in healthy nutrition
  • The role of new technologies in improving the quality of packaged food products
  • The importance of food industry brands in maintaining sustainable development
The event sought to highlight that the concept of "human" is associated with "health",
which plays a determining role in the growth and formation of sustainable development
 in the food industry in Iran. The participants also turned the spotlight on the social
responsibility of producers and authorities in the food industry as one of the key
duties they should fulfill.
On the sidelines of the ceremony, the Nadi Food Industry unveiled Shapka and
 Tobachi brands. Shapka produces different types of cake and soft flour products.
 Six products of this very brand also hit the shelves across Iran at the same time
 that the symposium was underway. Tobachi will produce various kinds of snacks.
 For now, it has produced the peanut snack and cheese snack (Parmesan and Cheddar),
and will soon offer a whole range of tastes and flavors.
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