Monday, October 24, 2016

Patient Research Summit

Tal Golesworthy is a boiler engineer from the UK. He's an expert in solving plumbing problems. He was born with a heart defect called Marfan's syndrome that was slowly weakening his aorta -- the body's main artery. If left untreated, his aorta would eventually burst and kill him. 

Faced with a gruelling surgery and a life on drugs, Tal decided he would fix this plumbing problem himself. As part of a multidisciplinary team that included engineers and medical specialists, Tal developed an innovative device that reinforced his aorta without intrusive surgery or a forced medication regime. Tal went on to start a company that makes the device for people with the same heart condition. 

Tal will share his story at a patient research summit at the Marriot Hotel hosted by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research in Ottawa from October 25 to 27. The summit brings together more than 200 patients, researchers and health professionals from across the country to discuss how to make health care better for patients as part of Canada's Strategy for Patient Oriented Research. 

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