Monday, October 17, 2016

The Most Significant Advance in Carbon Based Water Filtration Products in Decades

New high performance “Compound-Catalytic™“ Carbon performs all filtration capabilities 
we’ve come to expect from catalytic and granular activated carbon products but also 
presents the ability to remove; Fluoride, Hexavalent Chromium, Arsenic, Lead, Mercury,
 Selenium, and more.

 H2O Easy Filtration Products introduces Compound-Catalytic™ Carbon with
 the launch of the WaterGenie ”Advanced” series Whole House and Point-of-Use
water filtration systems.

The new high performance “Compound-Catalytic™“ Carbon performs all
 filtration capabilities we’ve come to expect from catalytic and granular
activated carbon products but also presents the ability to remove; Fluoride,
 Hexavalent Chromium, Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Selenium, and more.

“It’s a game changer for the industry and a money saver for consumers.
This new product improves the cost effectiveness and sustainability of
water filtration systems for everyday use. What typically requires multiple
 components in multiple tanks can now be done with one tank containing
one media,” says Chris Hanson, Founder of H2O Easy Filtration Products.
 With the introduction of this product consumers will see a 65% reduction
 in cost from $1.45 per day to less than 0.95 cents per day. ”Just think
about that for a minute; clean, healthy water from every tap in your
home costs less than a cup coffee per day! I am very excited for my
 customers,” says Hanson.

Whole house and Point-of-Use carbon based filtration systems are a common
 and effective way of removing contaminants such as Chlorine,
Chloramines, TCE, Trihalomethanes, and improving taste and odor
while leaving essential minerals intact. Carbons oxidation and adsorption
capabilities are well known and have been utilized in water filtration for over 100 years.

About H2O Easy Filtration Products & Services: Established in 2006,
we are a locally owned; owner operated small business, located in Asheville,
 NC. Offering custom design water filtration products built in Asheville.
 Founders/owners Chris and Kelly Hanson reside in West Asheville, where
they have lived since 1987.
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H2O Easy Filtration Products
Chris Hanson

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