Thursday, December 30, 2010

CIBO Clinic Lap-Band Program Advantages

CIBO Clinic: an innovative idea takes shape

CIBO Clinic is the realization of Tom’s total-care vision. Staffed with top specialists in the field of laparoscopic gastric banding surgery, the unique clinic offers comprehensive support for each patient. Before undergoing the procedure, patients go through a qualification process that includes counseling and psychological assessments. After the surgery, experts work with each patient on meal planning, emotional adjustment, physical therapy and more.

Psychological counseling is a big part of the program. “The band may help control the quantity of food I eat,” says Tom, “But it’s the psychological adjustment that empowers me to control the gluttony.”

Tom understands the challenges of losing a large amount of weight – he’s still going through it. He knows about the sagging skin that happens with weight loss. That’s why he has a plastic surgeon as part of his team. He knows about the chronic conditions (and, often, the accompanying depression) many seriously overweight people suffer from. And he’s very aware of the way the people around you can react to significant weight loss; it can change the dynamics of your relationships. So the clinic offers a psychological support program for both the patient and their family.

A healthier, easier, better life.

Tom couldn’t be happier with the results of his procedure. To date, Tom has lost 260 pounds and continues to get slimmer and healthier. The out-patient surgery was simple and reversible. He recovered quickly, and was out riding his motorcycle a couple of days later. Today, he has adjusted the way he thinks, eats and lives. “These days, life has become about quality, not quantity,” he says.

Today, Tom is in the driver’s seat in more ways than one. He cruises the countryside in his cars, sitting comfortably and getting in and out with ease. Before losing weight, he often parked illegally so he had enough room to get around the vehicle in case someone parked too close. “When you’re obese, there’s so much you do to prepare for each situation that no one ever sees. Now, I don’t have to give those things a second thought.”
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