Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Important News
From Santa
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DURACELL BATTERIES has come to the aid of THE ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE and THE TORONTO SANTA CLAUS PARADE in a big way. On November 21st the historic Parade held a toy drive called "TOYS FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE NORTH" as part of the annual Parade on the streets of Toronto. Arrangements were made with Thomson Transport to deliver over 4000 toys (10 skids) to Ottawa where FIRSTAIR airline took them to Canada’s North. In the North, the toys were distributed by members of the RCMP to every village, outpost and town in the three territories at the top of Canada.
In these days of battery driven toys and during the busy holiday season, the need for batteries went unnoted on Santa’s list. In most of the destinations of the toys, batteries are not readily accessible, especially on Christmas day. DURACELL CANADA, a sponsor of the Parade saw the toy drive and reminded Santa of the need for batteries. Unfortunately it was too late and the shipment donated by Thomson and FIRST AIR sent the toys to the North without batteries.
Arrangements have been made however that will see DURACELL delivering a large consignment of batteries to the RCMP at Ottawa Airport on Wednesday December 15th. There, an RCMP Plane will take the batteries to the North for distribution. SANTA CLAUS, RCMP Supt. Kevin Harrison and a representative from DURACELL will meet the plane for loading on Wednesday Morning, 9am, at RCMP Hanger, 2000 Research Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 9B4.
This is the first year that "TOYS FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE NORTH" has been in operation but THE SANTA CLAUS PARADE and the ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE are planning to make it an annual event.
Starting next year, DURACELL BATTERIES will be on Santa’s list!
The Santa Claus ParadeEric Conroy
(416) 318-7186
Duracell CanadaAndrea Farnell
(604) 602.6401
Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceKevin L. Harrison, Supt.
(647) 272-6333.
RCMP HangerKristine Feraco
(613) 990-2565

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