Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Ornament Tart


12 Tenderflake® Tart Shells (1, 255g package)

1 pkg (250g) white cake mix

350g vanilla frosting (1½ cups)

Yellow gel-paste food colour

Yellow decorating sugar

12 red or green gum drops

Black licorice laces, cut into twelve 1 1/4-inch pieces

Green licorice laces

12 thin pretzel sticks

Red fruit leather candy

Mini candy-coated chocolates

Step 1 – Mix

• Prepare the white cake mix as per package directions in a medium bowl

• Tint all vanilla frosting with yellow food colouring. Insert ¼ cup (75g) tinted into piping bag with small dot tip

Step 2 – Bake
• Spoon cake mixture evenly into each Tenderflake® Tart Shell, filing right up to rim. Careful not to overfill.

• Place onto rimmed baking sheet and bake the filled tart shells as per cake mix package instructions for 12 cupcakes. While baking, the cake mixture will rise to form the ornament shape.

• Cool thoroughly

Step 3 – Decorate!
• Frost the top of each cooled tart with white frosting, building up the middle a little more to achieve the ornament shape. Roll each tart in yellow sugar to coat frosted top completely.

• To make ornament hook topper, take a toothpick and poke two adjacent holes into the flat end of the gum drop. Insert the ends of one cut piece of black licorice lace into each hole. Attach the topper to the tart by making another hole in the rounded end of the gumdrop. Insert a pretzel into it and press into the tart.

• Using craft scissors cut fruit leather into decorative strips and secure to tart with frosting. Add mini candy-coated chocolates with dots of yellow piped frosting. Cut green licorice laces to desired lengths and press into tart.

• Arrange on platter and serve to your holiday guests.

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