Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Experts in Health Fields for 34 Days of Radio Conversation: Health Challenges 2015

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher is launching 34 days of life changing conversations about health challenging topics from disease to death and spirituality to anti aging. The guests will be exploring health, life and spirituality evolving over the last few decades and how we can feel present in the moment to live a full holistic life.

-- Women, the lives we lead have changed. Our physical health is challenged with serious disease and debilitation. We became caregivers of loved ones; both young grandkids, older loved ones, family and friends. The beliefs we grew up with in the mid 1900’s are now challenged in regards to money, health, life, death, spirituality, and we sometimes feel like we are splitting at our seams. Many times we do not know how to put the pieces back together. Our biggest fears are being alone, no one to care for us when we might need it and what do we do when we are sick, be it mind, body or spirit. Dr. Jeanette is seeking experts in the following fields to take part in this life changing conversation over the radio:

Vascular and heart disease
Breast health
Gastrointestinal disease
Geriatric medicine
Energy medicine
Plant food diet
Gluten/allergy/lactose/sugar diet plans
Flower essences and herbals
End of Life documents
Botanical medicine
Thyroid disease
Lung safety and health
Breast implants/plastic surgery
Complications of surgeries with age
Oils: coconut, hemp
Greens: matcha, blue green algae
Omega oils: 3, 5, 6, 7, 9
Food activism
Rural health
Your medical chart info

Experts are physicians, practitioners, alternative health providers, companies that offer these services or products and researchers. To apply for a guest option on Radio Health Blast 2015, send an email to

Dr. Jeanette Radio has 200 shows over the last two years with thousands of listeners per month. Shows are on and Past guests include: MD’s, ND’s, supplement companies, whole food options, authors, alternative health practitioners, global wellness suppliers, non-profits and world life activists.
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