Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Home CEO Academy™ Empowering Moms with Organization, Life Enjoyment and Encouragement


Web Curriculum Launches to Empower Busy Women and Benefit Several Charities  

Tampa, FL – October 2014 – Juggling work, household duties, after-school activities, finances, meal planning and so much more, today’s women are busier than ever. This superwoman mentality, however, often comes at the expense of an unbalanced life. Home CEO Academy was founded as a means of putting moms’ overbooked agendas back into equilibrium with a focus on organization and health for a greater enjoyment in life. Officially debuting on November 17, 2014, the company will unveil a five-part total life organization program, with 5 courses and 35 corresponding classes. A fun but results-oriented program, the courses include a Foundations course and such courses as Harmonious Hottie (becoming the Chief Executive Organizer), Buff Babe (becoming the Culinary and Exercise Officer), Sexy Beast (becoming the Chief Encouragement Officer), and Cheerleader, where members receive encouragement for a variety of life situations whether they are at a crossroads in life, or starting or ending a relationship, or just want to celebrate a big accomplishment.  Learn more HERE.

Established as a social enterprise, all proceeds from The Home CEO Academy will be contributed to the Adsila Retreat, a nonprofit retreat which facilitates, among others, healing retreats for the survivors of human trafficking and annual planning retreats for solutions-oriented nonprofits providing human services in distressed communities.  See more HERE.

According to a recent Daily Mail (http://dailym.ai/1CrVavT) article, “Mothers get just 17 minutes of ‘me time’ to themselves each day.” In fact, “The hectic lifestyles of mothers emerged in the study and found a frazzled 51 per cent regularly go whole weeks without even a single minute relaxing on their own.”

The Home CEO Academy program is entirely self-paced so that courses can be completed in as little as 20–30 minutes per week over a 35-week period or as quickly as 30 days. “Too many programs these days are do, do, do,” explains Home CEO Academy’s founder Maraya Pearson. “We do things too, but with a whole different, refreshing, restful angle. We drop the anxious, striving energy for a confident, restful optimism and humor that it will get done, and we’re having fun doing it at the same time.” 

Access to the course work is based on various levels ranging from $9.99 to $49.99 monthly. However, anyone who signs up is afforded free sample access to five of the classes (the first video in each course). All proceeds from the Home CEO Academy go directly to the Adsila Retreat charity, a nonprofit free retreat facility serving 20 of the world’s most gifted nonprofits. PREORDER HERE

For more information on how to get off the overstressed-mom seesaw and back into life balance, visit Home CEO Academy online at http://healthyhomeceo.com/. Interested media may arrange a meeting with company management by calling (512) 294-6218.
About Home CEO Academy™
Home CEO Academy strives to help busy moms juggle all their home and family responsibilities while, at the same time, balance their physical, spiritual and emotional needs, the needs of others and the need to develop their gifts and abilities. The company is designed to assist home chief executive officers in getting more out of life. To that end, its mission is to eradicate problems like clutter, filing backlogs, unruly closets, lack of counter space, forgetting important events, unproductive weeks and scattered, incomplete projects, with the goal of leaving overburdened home CEOs freer to enjoy what matters most. 100% of all proceeds from the HomeCEO Academy go directly to the Adsila Retreat charity. Adsila’s aim is to grow the impact of 20 of the nation’s most talented charitable non-profit organizations so they can further broaden their impact in their communities and the world.

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