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Joseph Bentley Traditional Garden Tools Now Available in North America

Distribution partnership brings high quality garden and leisure products to the U.S.

Growe Industries is pleased to introduce the Joseph Bentley line of traditional garden tools to the U.S. market through a distribution partnership with Solus Garden & Leisure, the UK's leading supplier of garden, leisure and home products. Joseph Bentley's comprehensive range of high quality hand tools is tailored to appeal to the most discerning and demanding of gardeners.
Established in 1895, the Joseph Bentley name has a well-earned reputation for quality. These tools are carefully constructed of high quality stainless steel and solid hardwood. With a lifetime guarantee and an attractive price point, Joseph Bentley traditional garden tools feature modern design and function while retaining a look of heritage and style. The range is inspired by years of experience and every tool comes with a high level specification, proven design and attention to detail as a standard.
Stainless Steel Digging Spade
You'll never go back to flimsy triangular shovels again once you use England's finest -- the digging spade from Joseph Bentley. This stainless steel and ash wood tool makes short work of slicing into hardened soil, backfilling, and planting. Sturdy, very comfortable to use, and made to last for countless seasons, it's the best garden tool you can find. You'll wonder how you ever got by without it!
The digging spade stands nearly 42 inches high and features a polished head of stainless steel set with tread edges so you can really slice through the soil as you work.The wishbone-shaped grip of the handle is strong and comfortable. Only the finest materials and workmanship go into Joseph Bentley tools, and it shows.
Though it weighs less than 5 pounds, this tool is ultra-sturdy. It stands a bit taller than many others, which makes the work easier (and minimizes the strain on your back!). It's ideal for any garden job involving turning the soil, from planting to integrating compost to spreading mulch.
The ash wood used in the handle of this tool is FSC certified, so you know it was sustainably harvested. The Joseph Bentley signature is etched into a brass badge on the handle. Trust your garden and your time to the British favorite for quality tools!
Stainless Steel Midi 3-Prong Cultivator
Recently cited by a British gardening magazine as the absolute best cultivating tool!
This long-handled steel and wood tool cultivates the soil to a depth of 3 inches.
Named the best all-around garden tool by one of Britain's leading gardening magazines, this long-handled cultivator really does do it all. Designed as a combination rake and fork, it smoothes, lifts, aerates, weeds, combs, and digs. Whether you're transplanting seedlings in spring, cleaning up the vegetable patch in autumn, or reviving your mulch in midsummer, rely on this top-quality tool from Joseph Bentley of England!
Constructed of stainless steel and sustainably harvested (FSC certified) oak, this durable and elegant tool will last you for countless seasons in the garden. It stands 24½ inches high, with an 18-inch contoured handle that feels comfortable in your hand and results in less fatigue during a long day of gardening.
The curved, pointed, strong prongs of the cultivator are 3 inches long after the bend, so they can dig to a depth of several inches in the soil or mulch. These sharp points are great for piercing stubborn soil and cutting furrows for sowing, while the shape of the blades enables them to snag and lift weeds, tangled roots, and other debris smoothly and easily from the soil. And the 18-inch handle lets you park yourself in one place and garden a big sweep in all directions.
This "midi" cultivator is easy to use and very durable. The handle is contoured to fit your hand nicely, so you experience less fatigue over the course of a long day in the garden. It cleans in a snap and won't break or bend even in rough use. There's even a leather hanging strip so you can put it right onto your belt or hang it in the potting shed.
Joseph Bentley has been the most respected name in British garden tools for more than a century, and superior materials and craftsmanship are among the reasons why. The prongs and shaft are ultra-sturdy stainless steel, while the handle is FSC certified oak. Add it to your garden tool shed this season, and we predict you'll make Joseph Bentley your preferred source of all gardening equipment!
Stainless Steel Hand-held
Daisy Grubber
Less than 2 inches wide, it targets just the root, not the whole garden!
Deep taproots are no problem for this little powerhouse!
The design of this garden tool is so ingenious! The forked point of polished stainless steel grabs a taproot at the base and secures it, while the wider, curved shaft above twists into the soil so you dig deep instead of wide. The result? You can burrow down with laser accuracy and rip out that troublesome weed at its base, instead of merely cutting off the top growth and watching it spread a little more each time it grows back!
The daisy grubber comes to us from England (as you might guess from its name -- here we might be more likely to call it a "dandelion yanker"!) where it is a favorite tool of gardeners. It's just so precise -- you get just the root you want, without disturbing nearby plants. And it digs deep -- at 17 inches long, this is one tool that can travel far down into the soil to remove troublesome weeds at their source.
Of course, the daisy grubber is also useful for drilling deep, slender holes in the soil, such as are used to set bamboo stakes and other supports. It's ideal for reaching down through the dense branches of a shrub and plucking out a sucker or other volunteer without harming any of the foliage. The polished stainless steel keeps soil from adhering to it as it is withdrawn, so you get a very tiny hole that fills in with the first watering. Nice!
The daisy grubber is constructed of ultra-durable polished steel and FSC certified oak, with a contoured handle that's easy to grip and very comfortable. It even includes a leather carry strap, perfect for hanging it from your garden belt or above the potting bench. And it comes from Joseph Bentley, the best name in British garden supplies since 1895. There's no substitute for quality, and you will find this to be one of your finest as well as your favorite garden tools. Add it to your wheelbarrow this season!
Stainless Steel Hand-held Weeding Knife
Digs out weeds, lifts out moss between stepping-stones, and reaches tricky places! Stainless steel and oak construction will last a lifetime!
You may feel like the Grim Reaper as you wield this fabulous tool, but rest assured that all your reaping will be benign! The weeding knife from Joseph Bentley is a fantastic hand tool for lifting out weeds, digging up moss and other unwanted plants between paving-stones, and generally reaching very tight spots inaccessible to most other tools!
The sharp, scythe-shaped blade at the end of the tool is great for digging deep in the cracks and joins of the pavement, reaching beneath rocks and other garden presences, and lifting out offending weeds by the roots. If you have a full, bushy plant that tends to get weeds right near the central stem, you can angle the weeding knife right down to the exact spot without disturbing a branch on your plant! And for bigger jobs, use the long knife edge of the blade to slice and sweep!
The hand-held weeding knife is made from polished stainless steel and FSC certified oak. It is nearly 12 inches long and 3 inches wide, not including the handy leather strap for carrying and storing this tool. Best of all, it is manufactured by Joseph Bentley, England's premier source of garden tools since 1895. Ultra-dependable and attractive as well as ergonomically designed, it will last you a lifetime.
Stainless Steel Dutch Hoe
The Joseph Bentley Dutch Hoe offers a classic weeding tool in a high quality build, ensuring that this timeless tool will last a lifetime. The head of this traditionally styled dutch hoe features a bevelled edge, making it ideal for cutting down small weeds and easily breaking up surface soil.
The polished stainless steel head ensures minimal soil adhesion while you work. The hoe head meets with an extra-long shaft of FSC Certified oak wood, letting you work from an upright position while boasting that traditional charm lying at the heart of the Joseph Bentley name

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