Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Coconut Snowman Tart

12 Tenderflake® Tart Shells (1, 255g package)
12 Tenderflake® Mini-Tart Shells (1, 255g package)
2 pkgs white cake mix (2, 250g) or 1 (520g) pkg deluxe white cake mix
350g vanilla frosting (1½ cups)
175g flaked coconut (over ½ cup)

Red cherry ribbon licorice
Green candy sphere balls (substitute with any round candy)
Black licorice laces
Mini candy-coated chocolates
Black gumdrops
Pretzel sticks


Step 1 – Mix
• Prepare the white cake mix as per package instructions in a medium bowl
Step 2 – Bake
• Spoon cake mixture evenly into 12 Tenderflake® Tart Shells and 12 Tenderflake® Mini-tart Shells, filing to rim. Careful not to overfill.
• Bake the filled mini-tart shells as per cake mix package instructions. While baking, the cake mixture will rise to form the snowball shape. Cool thoroughly.
Step 3 – Decorate!
• Frost the top of each cooled tart with frosting, building up the middle a little more to achieve the snowball shape. Roll the tart top in flaked coconut to cover completely.
• To make hat brim, cut a 1/8 inch thick slice off the flat end of a gum drop. Poke a deep hole into the rounded end of the gumdrop. Secure the brim to the hat top by skewering the rounded end to the slice with a pretzel stick and into the tart.
• For eyes, press in two mini chocolate chips; for nose, press in a red mini candy-coated chocolate; for mouth, press in a short length of black licorice lace and adhere with frosting if necessary.
• To make scarf, cut the cherry ribbon licorice in strips and secure to body with frosting. For buttons, press green candy balls into body.
• Repeat decorating steps for all 12 tarts. Arrange mini-tarts (head) and tarts (body) together on a tray and watch your Coconut Snowmen Tarts warm up your Christmas gathering.

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