Monday, November 14, 2011

eco.kid... distinctly Australian

eco.kid is an everyday range (for healthy living) specifically designed for helping to prevent and treat the hair, scalp and skin issues that affect kids

eco.kid uses certified natural and organic, paraben free, sulphate free, synthetic free, readily biodegradable ingredients
No artificial preservative, fragrance or colouring

Bubbalicious Soft Hair Styling Wax

Gum in kids’ hair was never a good thing – until now. Slick down fly-aways, make braiding a breeze and create the trendy “faux-hawk” with Bubbalicious. For use on wet or dry hair, it provides sustained moisture and adds strength and extra shine.

Let your kids get creative on their own or make them picture perfect yourself (assuming they sit still).

Key Ingredients:
Jojoba Esters – conditioning agent
Australian Blue Cypress – prevents growth of bacteria and fungus
Apply a small amount to dry hands. Work into hands first and then disperse evenly throughout the hair. Style as desired.

Lice Bomb

No mom likes having to deal with lice but it’s something most moms have to tackle at least once in their child’s loves. Head lice don’t stand a chance against the powerful yet sweet smelling pure plant essences found in Lice Bomb. Derived from nature, this non-toxic, non-drip formula is gentle on young hair and won’t have kids running for the hills. Packaged with a comb, a little Lice Bomb combined with a little patience keeps critters and their eggs at bay.

Key Ingredients:
Lice Bomb Botanical Complex – coconut, orange and tea tree oil stop lice in their tracks
Lemon Myrtle Oil – provides a clean, fresh scent

Apply a small amount to the scalp beginning at the nape of the neck and then massage through the roots in an upward motion toward the crown. Once a thin film has been achieved, comb hair from roots to ends with a fine-toothed comb. Wipe lice eggs from comb, repeat this process for twenty minutes and rinse with warm water.

Daily Tonic Leave In Conditioner

Moms are pro multitaskers already so is our Daily Tonic. A one-stop shop for shape, protection and care, this leave-in conditioner allows for a knot-free existence between kids and their combs. Naturally derived moisturizers add strength and shine to young hair while keeping it soft and supple. The natural formulation creates a separation within the spray bottle – shake well before use to ensure maximum benefits.
Your longhaired little boys and girls with thank you for this one.

Key Ingredients:

Phyto-Chemicals – help prevent head lice
Pure Australian Oils – natural moisturizer, promotes shine

Shake well. Spray onto hair and scalp prior to combing, paying close attention to the name of the neck and behind the ears – this is where lice are most likely to lay eggs.

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