Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Introducing New Dove® ClearTone™

Women know that shaving has a dark side. In fact, nearly half of Canadian women (47%)
who suffer from underarm discomfort say their skin tone is a different colour from the rest
of their skin.* Dove® ClearTone™ anti-perspirant has an effective solution.
Dove® ClearTone™ is the first and only anti-perspirant in Canada specifically created
to help reduce underarm discolouration caused by dry skin from shaving. This formula
helps to moisturize underarm skin while continuing to provide the benefits women can
expect from Dove® anti-perspirant.

* Based on a TNS survey base of 565 Canadian women

9 out of 10 women claimed to have reduced skin discolouration in just two weeks, when using Dove® ClearTone™ anti-perspirant regularly**

New Dove® ClearTone™ anti-perspirant is specially formulated with a combination
of Calendula and Sunflower Seed extracts along with the added benefit of Dove®
1⁄4 moisturizers. Working together, these moisture-rich ingredients help to tone the
top layer of skin damaged by shaving – keeping skin looking healthy and helping to
prevent against underarm discolouration.

** Based on a survey of 200 US women who expressed a preference vs. Basic deodorant roll-on without moisturizers

Beauty benefits for your underarm skin

􀁳 Proven to reduce underarm skin discolouration caused by dry skin from shaving

􀁳 Offers visible results after 2 weeks of regular use**

􀁳 Delivers 24 hour odour and wetness protection

􀁳 Provides care for delicate underarm skin with Dove 1/4 moisturizers

** Based on a survey of 200 US women who expressed a preference vs. Basic deodorant roll-on without moisturizers.

When underarm skin is shaved it can lose up to 50% more moisture, leading to dryness and
skin discolouration

Higher than normal levels of melanin in skin can be stimulated by underarm shaving and
lead to discolouration

Underarm shaving can compromise the top layer of skin – a moisture barrier – which can
stimulate redness and lead to discolouration

Available in two fragrances

Skin Renew: A light scent that combines feminine floral notes of violet, lilac and rose with a touch of vanilla musk Sheer Touch: A fresh citrus scent combined with hints of almond and coconut milk. Pricing & Availability: Dove® ClearTone™ anti-perspirant is available across Canada in food, drug and mass retailers March 2012 at a 45g/suggested retail price of $3.99 -$4.99.

For more information on Dove® ClearTone™ visit:

Or contact:
Stephanie Barber, Harbinger
416-960-5100 x251

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