Monday, March 12, 2012

Yahoo! reveals the spring fashion items Canadians want

With a milder winter than most people can remember, Canadians can’t wait to get their spring items out of the closet. Trendy trench coats, cute boots and lighter sweaters are just around the corner.

The fashion experts at Yahoo! Canada have been asking Canadians what they can’t wait to put on this spring.

Yahoo! Canada asked Canadians the following question, and you might be surprised by the results: What are the spring fashion items you most want to get?*

- A trench coat (2,214 votes- 18%)

- A floral dress (2,368 votes- 19%)

- A bright shirt and/or skirt (1532 votes- 12%)

- Fun rain boots (1098 votes- 9%)

- New high heels (1116 votes- 9%)

- A cute bag (1864 votes- 15%)

- Hot sunglasses (2406 votes- 19%)

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