Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Scents from Lush

The Gorilla Perfumers--father and son team Mark and Simon Constantine-- have introduced nine new fragrances. The scents come in a range of sizes and range (10 ml, 30 ml and solid) and sport black packaging with high energy white writing. One scent, Cocktail, is “a beautiful dress-up fragrance; a final gesture in the ritual of preparing to go out for a special evening. Just spray a cloud of Cocktail into the air and walk into it,” explains Mark Constantine.

This fragrance has ylang ylang followed by notes of jasmine, rose, orange blossom, oakmoss and sandalwood. In addition, several 15 ml fragrances that were originally created as limited edition scents for our Gorilla Perfume Gallery in New York City last September are available online at lush.com.

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