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Egg Natural Remedy for Hair Growth in Women and Men

Eggs also contain potassium, mineral, sodium, selenium, and vitamin B. Protein from egg is good for your hair it is because your hair is made from protein too. Consume egg regularly to minimize the risk of hair loss. Vitamin B from egg also good for hair growth and prevent hair thinning that is caused by vitamin deficiencies. You can consume egg and apply egg on the scalp regularly to supply your hair with nutrient and vitamin so that your follicle will start to grow a new healthy hair.

Egg Natural Remedy for Hair Growth in Women and Men

Hair loss occur because of many reason such as heredity, lack of nutrient, pollution, stress, hormonal imbalance, giving birth, etc. Whatever the reason is you can minimize the effect of hair loss with this natural remedy for hair loss. Egg will nourish your scalp and providing follicle with amino acid and protein so that your hair will be strong. If you are experiencing hair loss that is caused by lack of nutrient then you may consider applying egg on scalp to promote new hair growth. Egg can not treat Male pattern baldness which is caused by heredity. Consuming egg and applying egg on the scalp regularly will promote hair growth and prevent or at least reduce the hair loss rate.
So what do you need to prepare for hair treatment with egg? Please prepare Egg, whisk to stir the egg, towel, lemon, pastry brush, big bowl, almond oil. plastic shower cap to cover your head after the treatment.

Egg Natural Remedy for Hair Growth in Women and Men #1

You need 2 eggs if you have short hair and if you have long hair then you can prepare 4 eggs instead. Crack the egg-shell pours it on the bowl and please put the YOLK separately in another bowl. Separate the egg-white and the yolk as much as possible. Repeat it again until you finish all your egg. Add a dash of lemon and around 3 tablespoon of almond oil into the bowl then stir and mix it with whisk that you have prepared before.
You must wash your hair with shampoo after that you can apply the eggs on the scalp while your hair still damp. Massage your scalp gently then cover your hair with plastic cap. Leave the egg mixture on your scalp for 30-45 minutes then after that you can rinse your hair and wash it with Nizoral Shampoo or another hair loss shampoo.

Egg home remedy for hair growth #2

Egg Natural Remedy for Hair Growth in Women and Men Another hair loss treatment with egg:

Apply essential oil like coconut oil, jojoba oil, sea Buckthorn oil, Grape seed oil on the scalp before you sleep ( you can choose whatever essential oil that is best suite you, Grape seed oil and jojoba is the best one in my opinion ). Apply this essential oil before bed then wash it in the morning. Then after you wash it you can apply egg white with a dash of lemon and around 3 tablespoon of almond oil, mix it with whisk then apply it on the scalp for 1 hour then wash your hair with hair loss shampoo like nizoral to reduce hair loss rate.

Please don’t consume raw egg-white, consume raw Egg-white will cause hair loss because Raw egg-white contain Avidin, Avidin is a protein that sequester the biotin in digestive system and eventually prevent intestines from absorbing nutrient and vitamin. With less nutrient and vitamin intake, your follicle will eventually become weaker and this condition will lead to thinning hair and hair loss.

But don’t worry, you can get rid the Avidin from Egg by cooking it properly. Cooking egg properly will cause AVidin to denatured. It prevents AVidin protein from interfering with digestive system like intestines in your body. So that your intestines can absorb vitamin and nutrient properly. Consume egg in conjunction with hair loss treatment like minoxidil, Finasteride, hair loss shampoo for best result to treat male pattern baldness. And also don’t forget another home remedies for hair growth like Saw palmetto, Aloe Vera, essential oil to regrow hair naturally.

Be patient with this treatment, hair loss takes years to be noticed so the treatments also take years to reverse your hair condition.

Please don’t throw the leftover from egg white and the unused yolk, you can mix them together as well and add few essential oil then gently massage your scalp with this mixture then leave it for 30 minutes.

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Please share your thought and experience about egg as your remedy for hair growth!

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Egg Natural Remedy for Hair Growth


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