Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Outdoor Kitchen - Options

Create the perfect outdoor grilling experience. Whether you are setting up a
full outdoor kitchen or just want to throw a few steaks on a portable
barbecue, the grill is a big part of living outdoors. With so many ways to
grill - charcoal, infrared, convection, rotisserie and conventional - your
perfect outdoor kitchen may be a built-in Lynx professional grill, a
free-standing Napoleon bbq, a portable grill or a smoker. Having the right
barbecue, whether it is simple or elaborate, can make your summer experience

Lynx grills is the premier manufacturer of luxury, stainless steel outdoor
kitchen products, built exclusively for outdoor use. Known for its
continuous innovation, quality products and custom touches, the Lynx
collection offers consumers durability, superior performance and a great
cooking experience year-round. Available for either built-in or freestanding
application in both propane and natural gas. Lynx Professional Grills
elevate outdoor cooking to a new level

Napoleon is a Canadian company that has lead the bbq industry for over 30
years. Their gourmet barbeque grills are built with the finest grade of
weather-resistant materials. Napoleon offers a full range of propane and
natural gas bbqs that can be built into your deck, outdoor counter or patio
or remain freestanding on a movable cart. The new modular Oasis bbq system
allows clients to create a custom outdoor kitchen solution.
In addition, Napoleon offers of line of portable bbq's which are perfect for
a picnic, camping or taking to the beach.

The Apollo, a new multifunctional smoker, can be stacked in parts so you can
use it as a simple charcoal grill or load it up with two cooking grates and
use it as a full sized water smoker.

The Napoleon freestanding units start as low as $550. While the hi-end Lynx
start at $4300.
Everything available at BonaVista LeisureScapes


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