Friday, June 10, 2016

Is New Sola Bar a Nutrition Bar or Savory Mini Meal?

As the dismantling of the traditional
three sit-down meals routine takes place in America, a new eating trend is emerging,
one focused on mini-meals and healthy snacks. Leading in this direction, an
 innovator in a self-created category is SOLA Snacks.

The company's recent new product launch of Sola Bars introduces an
uncommon taste to Americans and the world – a blend of crunchy peanuts,
seeds, spices, and herbs offering superior flavor and wholesome nutrient-dense
ngredients through a patent-pending process that binds ingredients without
the need for sugar. Mainstream snack options have expanded. A sophisticated
 savory meal "snackification" revolution has begun.

In the U.S., $1 out of every $10 now spent on packaged foods is going
toward sweet and savory snacks, according to market research firm Euromonitor
 International. SOLA Snacks puts a new spin on that trend by focusing on
just the savory aspect of America's love affair with snacking. With wholesome
 ingredients that are commonly found in the pantries of most American kitchens
and with only 1 gram of sugar, SOLA Snacks has found the paradoxical
"sweet spot" of healthy savory meal-bar snacks.
"Many find it hard to believe that we are able to deliver healthy bars with
 such simple ingredients and near zero sugar content in flavors that were
 previously almost exclusive to salty snacks," remarks Sola Lamikanra,
founder of the new startup company. "Binding compounds in our blend
of healthy ingredients take the place of added sugars." The result is a
carefully crafted texture and mouthfeel that makes use of the inherent flavors
 of the herbs and spices, a non-invasive way to let nature do the work
and keep the bars as close to their natural goodness as possible.
It's a solid move for a nutrition bar that blurs the lines between a savory
 mini meal and a nutrition bar. That's because a shift in the perception of
 snacking has taken place. "More and more consumers are looking for
 real food and there's increased awareness today of the negative effects
 of sugar," says Sola. At the same time, snackers are looking for a treat
that's more of a meal experience. They want to feel fuller longer and
 reduce their calorie intake at the same time.
Sola Bar's ingredients were chosen with that growing demographic in
 mind, optimizing protein and fiber with culinary-inspired flavors that
can stand on their own or be paired with other foods that don't work
in a sweet or even sweet-savory bar: salads, soups, main
 courses… a glass of wine. What's more, Sola Bars can be
 enjoyed solo as a quick impromptu meal for a snack
anywhere for on-the-go, active lifestyles.

Sola Bars come in four consumer-friendly varieties: Roasted
 Garlic with Sea Salt, Jalapeno, Chipotle, and Cinnamon.
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