Friday, June 17, 2016

Savory Spice is a Winning Ingredient at the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest

This year, at the 39th Annual World Championship Barbecue Cooking
 Contest which took place May 12-14, 2016 at the Memphis in May
International Festival in Memphis, Tennessee, the Pitmaker BBQ
Addiction team won 1st place in the brisket category, 2nd place
 in ribs and 8th place in chicken. So what was their secret ingredient?
William Tischina, an employee at Savory Spice's Houston location,
is also a member of the Pitmaker team. "Now everyone stopping by
 the store wants to buy the Malibar Cracked Pepper because that's
 what we used on the winning brisket," Tischina said. In Texas,
 salt and pepper are the primary spices used on brisket, and Pitmaker'
s win shows just how important it is to use top quality ingredients if
 you're looking for award-winning quality results.
On their 2nd place ribs, the team used Savory Spice's Team Sweet
 Mama's KC Style Rub along with their own mixture of other additional
 spices.  For their entry in the poultry category, Pitmaker's team
 turned to a Savory Spice original recipe: Chicken Cordon Peru with Poblano Chile Sauce.

In 2015, Savory Spice co-owner Mike Johnston took a road trip of
 a lifetime, visiting 88 barbec
ue joints across the country in 43 days. During this Chasing BBQ
journey, Johnston also visited Pitmaker in Houston. "We've worked
 hard to make sure our spices, blends and recipes are top quality,"
 Johnston said. "I've always been passionate about great barbecue,
 so the fact that our products and recipes helped the Pitmaker team
win big at this world class competition is a real honor." 
For anyone looking to barbecue like the pros, turn to BBQ experts
Savory Spice for all the products, recipes and inspiration to make
 the most of every summer grilling session.

Founded in 2004, Savory Spice ( is
 a collection of locally owned and operated community spice shops
 with locations in 16 states. From the griller to the gourmet chef,
this is a shop for every type of cook. Savory Spice takes great
pride in offering high quality and hard-to-find items at prices that
 average lower than most grocery stores.
With over 500 freshly ground herbs and spices, and over 175
 handcrafted seasonings, Savory Spice is known as a
"cook's paradise," catering to experienced and aspiring cooks alike.
 For more information regarding Savory Spice, please contact
 Molly Martin, Marketing Coordinator, by email or 720-399-5357.

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